05 May, 2014

Mass Effect - Dawn of the Reapers

Mass Effect : Dawn of the Reapers, a total conversion mod for the Sins of a Solar Empire : Rebellion has just had a Pre-Alpha release, lets take a look at how it is shaping up!

Dawn of the Reapers 

Work began on Dawn of the Reapers back in 2011 by Lord_Set and Prolific Studios. Housed on moddb, Dawn of the Reapers has been on my watch list for quite a while and its been exciting to check in and see the latest screenshots and models over the years. 

Last month Dawn of the Reapers : Onslaught was released, this pre-alpha release of the mod is, pretty rough - as you would expect from a pre-alpha, it is also pretty awesome! The mod contains three playable races: The Council, Cerberus and the Reapers, with many of the models, weapon effects and much of the user interface already in place and functioning fantastically.  

I was truly surprised to see how fully featured and functioning this release is for a pre-alpha, I hope that this just a taste of what is to come.

The team appealed to the moddb community, pointing out in the comments, '...For most of DotR's life it's been nearly a one man show. Lord_Set needs coders and artists, so if you want this mod to progress it's time to step up and offer help. Right now DotR needs doers...'. 

Let's hope that they don't go unanswered because this project has a lot of potential!
Find out more about the mod on the moddb page here.

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