09 June, 2014

EA E3 2014 Press Conference Roundup

EA E3 Press Conference happened and was full EA games, presented by a ballin' Andrew Wilson, all listed here!

Star wars Battlefront 3 - DICE went to Lucas Films to look at props and locations from the films to capture the feelings and emotion. Early Endor and Hoth gameplay footage shown as well as footage from ingame showing a Stormtrooper’s helmet rendered.

'See more in Spring 2015'

Dragon Age Inquisition - Assemble and team, fight evil and high dragons… hey its a Bioware game! Gameplay footage showed a fight against a Fereldan Frostback dragon, different limbs could be targets individually, can be fought in Action (3rd person) or Tactical mode (top-down).

New Mass Effect - Bioware currently creating a new Mass Effect experience are asking what do the fans want to deliver a true next generation Mass Effect game. Concept art was shown featuring possible new locations along with a new, large alien creature. Among the concept art the N7 armor and logo was shown as well as orange and black armour hinting towards Cerberus?

Bioware New IP - World as big as other games like, Mass Effect, telling contemporary stories.

Sims 4 - The announcement started by the target audience of the Sims franchise shrieking in joy at the mere mention of the name.New features were shown including the new Create a Sim interface as well as new emotions and feelings the sims can have. With new clothes like Luchador masks the game is looking to be more immersive. A new feature called Sims Gallery allows users to import sims and other fan created content seamlessly into their game, wonder how EA will monetize that so half the content needs to be bought with Sim Bucks... Releasing September 2nd 2014.

UFC - ‘Anyone can be like Bruce Lee’
Two year development by EA Canada. The gameplay footage showed of the impressive, sweat.
Launching June 17th 2014.

NHL 15 - Hey its a hockey game... they showed hockey, which looked like hockey!

(Untitled) XTREME!  Game - Citerion Games’ new game, to feature ATVs, wingsuits, parachutes, boats, jet skis and helicopter racing. The game is inspried by videos of people doing stunts and extreme sports. Very early prototype gameplay and concept art was shown. Citerion have reinvented their office space and work flow.

PGA Tour - The first sports game to use the Frostbite 3 engine will feature no load times between holes and fully rendered environments also... ANIMALS SHOWN! Spring 2015 release date. Towards the end of the trailer a beached Navy ship was shown on a tropical island (from a Battlefield 4 multiplayer map), hinting that there could be some crazy courses.

MADDEN 15 - Madden 15 showed an increased attention to the defensive gameplay, as half of the game consists of defence, the best offence is a great defence afterall. The tackling system will feature multiple tiers, offering varying levels of success. Additionally, the new cinematography features will enhance the cinematic feel of the game, emulating the NFL’s own productions. Due to release August 26th.

Dawngate - EA’s MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), offers a ‘flexible metagame’ based upon each teams settings, claiming that any character can play in any position. Dawngate boasts a rich fiction, for both the maps and characters.

Mirrors Edge 2 - Mirrors Edge 2 looks to focus in innovating the free running and parkour that the first game offered. DICE, the developer of Mirrors Edge 2 have done extensive research into the free running movement by studying free runners up close and personal. With navigation being a key component of the game, they’ve developed it in a way that anyone can pick up and play the game. They’re bringing Faith and the classic Mirrors Edge style to the next generation.

FIFA 15 - Like any Fifa game they’ve made updates to the ball physics and collision between players to make them as realistic as ever only this time they’ve also put a lot of effort into the emotion behind the game, apparently... Along with highly detailed models for the players come the same level of detail to the pitch with moving corner flags and footprints from the payers that leave their mark.

“This is more than a game, this is Football.”

Battlefield Hardline - Closing the conference, Battlefield Hardline was shown, demonstrating it’s impressive close quarters combat on the streets and in buildings. A 32 vs 32 Heist multiplayer match was shown featuring new weapons like the riot shield, baseball bat and taser along with new ways of traversing the map like abseiling and using a hook gun to climb up buildings. In classic Battlefield fashion variety of vehicles were shown like Helicopters and Cop cars but also Vans with machine guns on the back and an Oil Truck that are drivable by players. A beta for the game is available on both PC and PS4 TODAY! Sony’s Adam Boyes appeared briefly and it was confirmed that the game would run at 1080p, 60fps on the PS4. Launching October 21st.

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