10 June, 2014

Ubisoft E3 2014 Press Conference Roundup

F@!k, &*ck, F"c! Aisha Tyler is back, Ubisoft is in the the house and they brought a ton of phablets and a few games! See everything they packed, right here.

Far Cry 4 - Ubisoft opened up with a lot of swearing and weed jokes, oh and Far Cry 4. Set for a November 18th release this year the game looks to impressive with pretty visuals and crazy characters, including what looks like the new protagonist and a selfie taking, throat stabbing flamboyant psychopath that arrives via Helicopter and welcomes you to Kyrat. With Ubisoft promising to bring “Hollywood levels of realism” to the Far Cry series earlier in the year, during the reveal, it seems like it got lost in translation as this game looks to take the series in an even more wacky and colorful direction.

Assassins Creed Unity - Assassins Creed Unity will be launching October 28th, on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC and as seen earlier during the Microsoft Press conference, Unity is set in Paris during French Revolution in the late 1700s and will allow players to form ‘Brotherhoods’ allowing for 4 player cooperative play. The open world has been rebuilt and will include features such as, a quest log to contain discovered missions and mysteries which the player can chose to pursuit or ignore.

They showcased plenty of blood spray as well as cover mechanics similar to other Ubisoft titles like Splinter Cell and Watch_Dogs. Of course, the gameplay demo also showed traditional Assassins Creed gameplay; tackling, countering and of course, fluid parkour with a slight spin and attitude in it and insanely huge crowds!

Considering it is set in French the voice cast seemed pretty mixed, plenty of American/English voice acting to remind your playing a video game or perhaps that Ubisoft are really bad at voice casting. No word on the other rumoured Assassins Creed title Comet as of yet...

Shape Up - “Fitness is boring, I know… it’s boring to do, it’s boring to watch…” - the marketing genius displayed by Ubisoft during this presentation.

Releasing November 2014, Shape up promises to make fitness fun and entertaining by transforming common fitness techniques into games! Such as, cardio training, in the form of “Piano Step”, where the player stamps their feet on a Guitar Hero-esque note bridge (on a piano) to the rhythm of the remixed music. The stage demo showed the developer playing against one of his previous performances. Then proceeded to match Ubisoft developers of different nationalities against one another, in a battle of press ups!

Valiant Hearts The Great War - Due to be release on June 25th 2014 is the emotional, story driven game built on the Ubisoft Art Engine, that was used in other titles like, Child of Light and Rayman Legends. The game will feature stories of the military life on the battlefield from the soldiers and medics all told from a dog’s perspective. Better buys some tissues because it looks like this game will be pouring the feels down onto you. Along with the game comes a collection of color photographs taken during the war remastered for the 21st century.

Tom Clancy’s The Division - Seen previously in the Microsoft press conference, The Division was teased with a 2015 date. The trailer, a timelapse revisited the events 3 years prior to the game’s setting, telling of a virus infection in New York. Like the majority of Ubisoft titles shown and the conference, they emphasize teamwork and cooperation. Like the game’s previous showings; a team of classic Ubisoft’s generic white characters proceeded to shoot holes in cars; no exploding paint cans this time.

Just Dance 2015 - Just Dance 2015 will let YOU dance… featuring an updated roster of songs (such as Pharrell William’s Happy), releasing October 23rd 2014 on all motion-controlled consoles.

Just Dance Now - Ubisoft emphasized that “anyone, anywhere, anytime”, can play together in really time, by using Ubisoft's free, Just Dance Now app on smart devices, it will “Brings people together” to dance.

The stage was flooded by dancers with smart phones and Alberta won - she was so psyched!

Rainbow Six Siege - It’s been six years since we last had a Rainbow Six title and Rainbow Six Siege was announced with a real of Pre alpha footage captured from a multiplayer match.
This match showed a siege of a house with two, five player teams; Team Raven, a swat team that are tasked with assaulting Team Rouge who are held up inside a house with a hostage.
Gameplay showed a focus on team tactics and planning; defenders building defences and barricades and the attackers deploying drones and breaching doors, floors and walls. Recent Ubisoft games have always looked impressive when shown on stage, but Siege rendered radically dynamic environments and up close and personal combat, unlike any of their other titles.  

“Fucking awesome” - Aisha Tyler claimed, whilst in tears…. also “Gyyaahhhh”, and plenty of swearing.

The Crew - The Crew; Ubisoft’s take on an MMO driving game set across the entirety of the United States will be released on November 11th for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC and boasts some impressive features like no load screens, dynamic weather and a variety of cars all with impressive, in depth customization. The Crew looks to be a game that’s socially driven with missions that can take over 2 hours to beat as you and your crew drive across America.

A closed beta will be available on July 23rd, to sign up at http://thecrew-game.ubi.com/portal/en-US/beta/index.aspx hope you remember your Uplay accounts!

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