31 July, 2014

Review - Pixel Piracy: The phrase 'Cleaning the poop deck' has never been more appropriate

Pixel Piracy the game everybody has a 25% off coupon for has been officialy released with Version 1.0. The game has been on Early Access on Steam for a while but with its official release it looks to add End-Game content as well as a verity of new features since it's last update.

Review - Engage. Sunrider : First Arrival

Developer Love In Space, has succeeded in bringing together, the much beloved flavour of classic sci-fi, with the garish and over-the-top nature of graphic novels, in the form of a simple, yet challenging strategy game.

29 July, 2014

Destiny (Beta) - I Went to the Moon!

...and took pictures. Towards the end of the Destiny Beta, Bungie opened up the Moon. There was only one story mission available to play, but that didn't stop me digging deep under the surface and going toe-to-toe with Wizards and worse! Take a look at our Moon gallery.

27 July, 2014

Review - Unsettled by Unrest

Unrest takes you to all corners of Bhimra, an ancient Indian city, to show you just how inhumane humans can be. You think snake-people are monsters, its other humans that will rob you blind. 

25 July, 2014

Dustin’ Off – Ground Control (Part 3)

In the final part of Dustin' Off - Ground Control, we'll examine the the sequel, Ground Control II : Operation Exodus - where it strayed from the tight formula of the original, and the redemptive power of beach-bums.  

24 July, 2014

Dustin' Off - Ground Control (Part 2)

In Part 2 of Dustin' Off - Ground Control, we cover Ground Control's challenging gameplay and the expansion; Dark Conspiracy.  

23 July, 2014

Dustin' Off - Ground Control (Part 1)

In this feature, we'll take a look back at some older (not necessarily retro) games, that we think were pretty cool then, and may still have value now. Our first unsuspecting subject, is the venerable Ground Control series, of PC strategy games.

20 July, 2014

Review - Show Me Your Warface

Warface may not be pushing any frontiers; technical or otherwise, but it also won't burn a hole in your wallet (or purse), unless you have a weakness for Brazilian World Cup themed smoke grenades.

18 July, 2014

Review - Impaled by Vlad

Text-based adventure game, Vlad the Impaler, sets you the rather unsavory task of purging evil from a city positively overflowing with a menagerie of monsters. 

16 July, 2014

Review (Early Access) - Down and Out in The Forest

Survived the plane crash - boy aren't you lucky! Oh wait your surrounded by almost naked cannibals, poisonous berries and flying shoals of fish. This must be The Forest.

08 July, 2014

Dropcast 01 - Pre-3!

It's the Pre E3 or Pre-3 Podcast. Listen to Kyle and Matthew talk about their predictions of what's to come at the 2014 E3 Conference. What did they get right, what did they miss, who will they upset with their opinions?

Note: We are aware that it's been several weeks since E3 ended. We're just going to pretend that the editor isn't lazy and ignore that...