25 September, 2014

Destiny – Queen's Wrath Update

This week the timed event Queen’s Wrath is available in Destiny, meaning a new reputation to grind, a new currency (of sorts) to collect and some new loot ripe for farming.

The Queen's Wrath

Contrary to what you might expect, you won’t be meeting the Reef’s creepy Queen or her unstable brother again, there is no story to be had here, but there is a new vendor, the Queen’s Emissary Petra Venj, in a previously locked part of the Tower. The Queen’s Emissary, will sell you armour shaders, emblems, class items and level 20 weapons for a reasonable amount of glimmer, providing of course you have the correct reputation level with the Queen.

Reputation is earned by completing the new bounties, marked with the Queen’s iconography, they can be picked up as usual at the bounty vendor. Thus far bounties have been mostly focused around scoring headshots on the Fallen, or on other Guardians in the Crucible using specific weapons. Not particularly difficult , it is just a grind – which is a statement applicable to most of Destiny.

Five hundred reputation is available every day from the bounties, and it takes one thousand to achieve the first reputation rank, three thousand for the second. Meaning it’ll take playing for all the bounties pretty much every day to reach rank three before the event is over (on October 6th). Chances weren’t helped by the ridiculous bounty; Win 3 Crucible Matches with Queen’s Class, Emblem, and Shader items equipped. Now unless these can be picked up through random loot – which I haven’t encountered – buying these items would require first having reputation rank three, which is ostensibly what you’re rushing to get this week and couldn’t possibly have yet.

On a lighter note, this event also enables Queen’s Wrath missions to be taken, each time a bounty is fulfilled you’ll receive a Queen’s Wrath mission item, allowing you to take on a random story mission on Epic difficulty. They are accessible as one of the usual daily/weekly missions down the left hand side of the Solar System map. Epic difficulty can be pretty rough on solo as shielded enemies are virtually immune to primary weapon damage, they remain trivially easy to despatch with special weapons however. Completing one of these missions will net you some legendary gear – no not the Engrams that revel in your disappointment, but actual gear. I’ve seen reports of head and chest gear dropping, I have received two duplicate helmets myself, which was not a total waste, breaking it down gave me three Ascendant Shards, which are necessary for upgrading legendary gear. 

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