31 October, 2014

The Dropkick: Hell in a Cell 2014 - Post Show

WWE Hell in a Cell 2014 is over, being one of WWE's 'B' pay-per-views did it live up to the hype that last minuet booked matches and abysmal storylines? Will it convince over 300,000 people to sign up for the WWE Newtork to see where the new twists and turns lead us? Short answer; No. The long answer is after the break!

30 October, 2014

Review – Civilization Only Takes a Small Step in Beyond Earth

Behind me stands Earth’s people, of many races, many creeds. Before me stands Earth’s hope, our species’ technological prowess, and the only chance of humanity’s continued survival, beyond Earth… It is with such reverence that I began my expedition into the unknown, yet soon the ways of old Earth returned; I had no energy, my petroleum had depleted, and an African gentleman kept condemning  my actions and my peoples way of life. Well there is no mistaking it, it is definitely a Civilization game…

27 October, 2014

Review – Hyrule Warriors, My First Zelda

It’s true I’m afraid; this is my first contact with the Legend of Zelda series, my first adventure in the Kingdom of Hyrule, but it is most certainly not my first foray into the endless battlefields of the Warriors games. Can this game invest myself, and like-minded Koei-Tecmo fans, in Hyrule’s timeless adventures? Or I it just leave me longing for Lu Bu?

26 October, 2014

The Dropkick: WWE Hell in a Cell 2014 - Pre Show

WWE Hell in a Cell 2014 pay-per-view will come at you live on October 28th from the American Airlines Centre in Dallas, Texas, or if you are a WWE Network Subscriber you can get it for just $9.99 as they seem so keen to remind you every week. It's almost as if they've still not hit their estimated quota and feel the need to spit out "$9.99" so much that it becomes a forced meme... I'm looking at you Michael Cole and JBL!

In this new feature for the site I will be doing a pre-show write up of the feuds and rivalries going into each pay-per-view. I'll try to be as unbiased as I can, however with WWE being as ridiculous as it is, that's likely not going to happen.

24 October, 2014

Dropcast 05 - Dropcast Outta Nowhere

Matthew and Kyle slither their way across the internet and deliver another Dropcast Outta nowhere! Join them as they talk about Halo: The Master Chief Collections 20GB install, Kyle's recent purchase and of course the latest Internet craze: The RKO vines.

19 October, 2014

Review - Alien: Isolation, The Sequel We All Wanted

Having spent about fifteen hours either, clenching most of my muscles in dread-fuelled tension, or cursing vehemently at my TV in frustration, I finally brought Alien: Isolation to a close. My advice for the next time you are tempted to venture into eerily monolithic space stations - leave the medpacks and guns, they wont help you for long, oh and find a way to mute your motion tracker Or maybe just dont go in at all?

17 October, 2014

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Photo Drop

Shadow of Mordor recently received an update adding a photo mode - a feature that should be in every game. Photo mode lets you pause time, spin the camera, fiddle with depth of field and slap on filters as if it were Instagram! Which was exactly what we’ve done in this gallery. Enjoy.

15 October, 2014

Review - Only One Hand On The Wheel In Driveclub

PlayStation exclusive racer Driveclub forgot to slow before hitting the hairpin launch, leaving behind the smell of burning rubber and melting servers… Which are still flaky a week after launch, making finishing this review pretty difficult!

13 October, 2014

John Cena Likes To Feel The Music In WWE 2K15

Are you a supporter of the US Military? If so, a former decorated member of the Marine Corps needs your support, and his name is... John Cena! 2K has made some big announcements about the WWE 2K15 soundtrack, featuring you're hero and mine; John Cena, fifteen times former World Heavyweight Champion, but more importantly the Doctor of Thuganomics. You can see him right here, or can you?

12 October, 2014

Review - Enslaving the Slavers in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

As shadow descends across Mordor and its inhabitant are pressed into servitude, to labour for the Dark Lord until all life flees their body, will you fight to pierce the pall of darkness? Or will you become the very evil you sought to destroy? Just a warning; I discuss some characters and events that occur in the main story, however, I do not believe I mention anything that wasn’t already shown in trailers and honestly, there isn’t any real plot twists or reveals to be spoiled.

Dropping in - Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

We drop into Mordor to gut Uruks, ride Caragors and generally subvert Sauron's steely grip on Mordor. Discovering along the way, the importance of not allowing Ogbur the Gentle to sneak up on you...

11 October, 2014

Dropping in - Pix the Cat

We delve deep into the skull-ridden GRID OF INFINITY of Pix the Cat, a stylish and feverish arcade game that is free for PS Plus subscribers the month. Don't get fooled by the rainbow skulls like we did - watching a trail of ducklings explode is the worst!

Dropping in - Destiny, The Iron Banner

This week Destiny is running the new Iron Banner Crucible event; we take a look at the bounties, the gear, my sweet new helmet and discuss some of the reasons why Destiny remains a really bizarre game.

06 October, 2014

Review - The Facade Slips in Sunrider : Mask of Arcadius

Kayto is caught between feelings of vengeance, loss, and a nagging sense that no matter who wins he, and his home of Cera, will lose. Be prepared to jump to warp at a moment’s notice, as the Sunrider story heads to some exciting places and I try my best to describe them without spoiling anything!

03 October, 2014

Dropcast 04 - Diamond Dogs

Prepare for another Dropcast! Join Kyle and Matthew as they talk about the lack of Video game news and inevitably get off topic per usual.

01 October, 2014

The Free Games of October 2014

October is here and what does that mean? Samurai Warriors 4! Although that may be my likely highlight of the coming month, the start of a new month means a ton of games will drop to the low, low price of free. Which some people would argue is more exciting, assuming you subscribe to Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus of course -  find a complete list inside.