31 October, 2014

The Dropkick: Hell in a Cell 2014 - Post Show

WWE Hell in a Cell 2014 is over, being one of WWE's 'B' pay-per-views did it live up to the hype that last minuet booked matches and abysmal storylines? Will it convince over 300,000 people to sign up for the WWE Newtork to see where the new twists and turns lead us? Short answer; No. The long answer is after the break!

Dolph Ziggler (c) defeats Cesaro: 12:15

2 out of 3 Falls match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship

A solid opening match featuring a lot of chain wrestling and spots. Earlier on in the week Cesaro said in an interview, promoting the UK tour this year, "I'm sick of seeing John Cena versus Randy Orton for the five hundredth time...". While I agree with him, the creative team clearly don't, making him lose clean without landing a single fall.

The match has a cool spot where the two trade countering roll up pins until Ziggler gets the first pin, early in this already short match. After taking a Cesaro swing and kicking out of the pin at two, he rolls up Cesaro and steals the first fall. Cesaro takes control as he dominates Ziggler with powerful moves such as a powerbomb, back breaker until Ziggler catches Cesaro in a sleeper hold.

Cesaro powers his way over to the ropes and lifts Ziggler up, delivering a superplex, only landing him a two count. Ziggler tries to go for the Zig-Zag, but Cesaro shakes him off and throws him up into the air and hits him with a WWE 2K14 styled catch finisher, the 'European Uppercut', to which Ziggler kicks out at two. Looks like Cesaro is buried beyond belief.

The closing moments see Cesaro going for the 'Neutraliser' but Ziggler powers out of it and hits him with a super kick into a Zig-Zag for the three count. As Ziggler celebrates outside with his retained title, I weep for Cesaro on his back in the ring, how low he has fallen.

Nikki Bella defeats Brie Bella: 6:21

Singles Match - The loser must become the winner's personal assistant for one month; if the loser does not comply, they will be forced to quit WWE

It's time for the 'piss break match', as twin sisters Brie and Nikki battle it out to see who has to become the other's personal assistant. Unlike the other Diva's match on the card tonight I have no interest in what happens in the ring or with their story.

Brie enters to her awful theme song 'Brie Mode', which if you watch Total Diva's (yeah, me neither) is when she get's absolutely plastered; drunk, and acts like an ass. I don't quiet understand that either... She also does her husband; Daniel Bryan's 'Yes' chant which angers me more than I can describe. Nikki enters wearing little clothing, to the Bella's previous theme 'You can look but you can't touch'.

The Bella's wrestling has gotten better and they work well together, either as a tag team or as opponents. Nikki delivers a 'Rack attack' clearly referencing a certain body part on her that are much larger than her Twin sisters for a two count and then a second one to pick up the win.

Later in the show, a Bella twins promo shows Brie loading a car with suitcases for Nikki and throwing her phone into the trunk for some reason. In her hand is a smoothie that Nikki ordered. Nikki takes the smoothie and pours it on Brie before getting in the car and driving off. This is going to be a rough 30 days of this....

Goldust and Stardust (c) defeat The Usos: 10:21

Tag Team Match For the WWE Tag Team Championship

The Dust Bro's that have lost cleanly on Raw and Smackdown since becoming the Tag Team Champions, face off against the previous champs the Uso's. This match feels like a repeat as the two teams have faced of a total of eight times since their last match at Night of Champions... WWE booking at it's best.

Being the heels, the Dusts take control in the match, trying to wear down one of the Samoan twins whilst stopping him from escaping and hitting the hot tag to his partner outside. Both Stardust and Goldust are very impressive in this match as they work together to keep the Uso's from tagging which inevitably fails as he get's the hot tag to signal the end of the match.

In classic and rather boring Uso fashion, they hit dives to the outside, something that has lost it's value as they do it in every one of their matches. The pair of them hit a very nice double superplex to the Dust's in time, which looked cool.

The end saw Jimmy Uso going for what looked like a Samoan drop on Goldust however, whilst the referee was distracted with his brother, Jay in the ring. Stardust sneaks in and kicks Jimmy right in the hole causing him to lose his balance, letting Goldust hit the 'Final Cut' for the three count and the titles are retained! Huzzah.

John Cena defeats Randy Orton: 25:57

Hell in a Cell Match - The Winner becomes the #1 contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Champion

The 'Main Event' slated at a comical 9PM slot, one hour into the show, pitted The Dr. of Thuganomics John Cena has he attempts to overcome the odds once again, in yet another confrontation against the 'Viper' Randy Orton. Cena enters first to a cheer of "John Cena sucks", as he awaits his opponent in the cell. Orton enters shortly after to a huge pop, his recent Internet fame winning over the crowds.

Orton's 'Methodical' pace is certainly present in re-match #12814, as it is the longest match of the night. It is also between two stars that have faced each other enough times that they could have aired a re-run of any other match the two have had and it'd still be the same. The match begins and the cell is introduced early as Orton throws Cena into it multiple times and the two fight for control. Some chair shots by Orton to Cena's back and stomach; sounded like they hurt.

Towards the middle of the fight Cena goes for his '5 moves of Doom' however Orton stops him at the second shoulder bump and delivers an RKO outta nowhere, only landing him a Two count. The steel steps are brought out and Orton is slammed into them and takes a 5 knuckle shuffle before going for the AA. Orton struggles to get off Cena's back and low blows him; all legal inside the demonic cell.

Cena is down in the corner of the ring and Orton goes for the devastating punt that has taken a number of superstars out of action. Orton swings for the kick and misses, as Cena pulls away and catches his leg to get Orton into the STF. Orton fights to get to the ropes, however there are no rope breaks and instead Orton has to slide out of the ring to escape the hold. Cena goes for another AA but it is reversed into another RKO.

The end of the match saw a table set up below one of the turnbuckles. Cena on the top rope goes to legdrop Orton through the table, but Orton rolls off and climbs up the corner and tries to RKO Cena from the top rope through the table. Cena holds Orton and the immense odds onto his shoulders and AA's Orton through the table for the three count. Cena comes out strong as he celebrates his 'hard fought' victory, as the commentators remind us that Cena once again has a shot at Brock Lesnar and the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

This match can be summed up with CENAWINSLOL with classic WWE booking. For a while I was looking forward to see Orton face Lesnar but that dream is no more as we once again have to see aCena versus Paul Heyman promo's for a month as Brock waits at home for his pay-per-view match against Cena for the third time this year... 

Sheamus (c) defeats The Miz w/ Damien Mizdow: 8:18

Singles Match for the WWE United States Championship

The Miz enters with Mizdow close behind and the crowd go wild. They LOVE Mizdow, and so do I, if only my hope that Mizdow was to sub in for The Miz had come true, we could have gotten a better match than what it was, because I have no recollection of what happened.

The match had the 'brutal' offence that Sheamus is known for. A few funny spots involving Mizdow, like when Sheamus was giving the 'Beats of the Bodhrán' to The Miz outside the ropes and Mizdow imitated being hit by the moves on the outside. Very funny. The Miz managed to take the lead towards the end of the match showing off some impressive moves.

Mizdow is insanely popular with the crowd, they even chanted "Mizdow's Awesome" during a few points in the match. When Sheamus was going for the win Mizdow jumped onto the apron and gestured for them to cut, giving The Miz the distraction to deliver his finisher, but only for a two count! Miz goes for a top rope nothing - a dive with no outcome other than for the opponent to counter it, which Sheamus does, giving The Miz with a Broge kick for the 1-2-3. Damn it!

We still have Shemus as the United States champion. Yay... Hopefully Rusev can come along and crush him to take the belt soon. It's worth noting that after the match, the 'face' Sheamus picked up an unconscious Miz and shook him around like a doll and forced him to do the YMCA with Mizdow imitating him. It was funny but who exactly is the bad guy here?

Rusev w/ Lana defeats Big Show w/ Mark Henry: 7:54

Singles Match

Rusev Putria, Rusev Patchka! Rusev enters with Lana, she cut's a promo in the ring about how America sucks and tells the red, white and blue American's in the crowd to shut up. She calls for the Russian national anthem but instead receives the Big Show's music as he enters down the ramp. Rusev goes for Big show's leg for the majority of the match, working on taking the giant off his feet and on the ground, when Big Show does make it to his feet he is taken down immediately by Rusev who even delivers a nice standing suplex to the seven foot monster.

Rusev get's Big Show into the Accolade, his finishing submission move that has taken out many opponents since his call up to the main roster. Big Show manages to get to the ropes and forces Rusev to break the hold. Big Show starts to gain some momentum and tries to KO punch Rusev who ducks it.

Mark Henry walks down the ramp and it looks like a swerve is incoming. Henry pumps up Big Show telling him to beat Rusev for America. Big Show delivers a huge chokeslam to Rusev, only landing a two. Rusev gets up and goes superkick crazy as he hits Henry on the apron and Big Show in the centre of the ring. One Accolade later as the crowd boo and chant "U-S-A". Which is all for nothing as Big Show passes out, giving Rusev the win.

As Rusev celebrates with Lana in the ring with the Russian flag waving high and proud, JBL get's over that Rusev is an unstoppable monster repeating "America has lost again!", Rusev coming out strong is a great sign that WWE still have plans for him, but with him taking down the American patriot Jack Swagger, the Olympic hero Mark Henry and now Big Show who is left for him to face?

AJ Lee (c) defeats Paige w/ Alicia Fox: 6:49

Singles Match for the WWE Diva’s Championship

It’s time to light it up as The Diva’s Champion AJ Lee enters to defend her championship against Paige who enters with Alicia Fox. As the match begins with AJ Lee chants breaking out in the crowd, surprising me as the usual chants are for her, are actually for her husband; CM Punk, a retired WWE Superstar who walked out of the company after this year's Royal Rumble in January.

The chants don’t last long as the crowd goes dead for a long time. It’s so quiet that a drunk mark in the crowd can be heard shouting, “See some sunlight for once!”, at the pale Paige as the two battle outside by the barricade. Paige pulls a 'Cesaro swing' as she slams AJ into the barricade repeatedly, before tossing her back into the ring.

Paige lets out a loud “Yarr” shout, confirming that yes, she is part Pirate as she enters the ring. “CM Punk” chants break out as the crowd cheer for post-it note face but quickly die down. Paige pulled off a nice spot as she picked up AJ Lee and skipped around the ring, holding her in her arms and delivering a nice looking fall away slam.

The end saw the two battle outside the ring again as AJ Lee tries to deliver a suplex off the barricade and onto the hard floor below, only to fail and drop Paige on her head onto said barricade. AJ slides into the ring and waits for Paige to be counted out but Alicia Fox picks up Paige and tosses her into the ring to save her. AJ picks up Paige and gets her into the devastating Black Widow submission causing Paige to tap out and AJ Lee retains the title. Paige claps Alicia fox before leaving and blames her for her loss.

This match was good, but I would expect nothing less form AJ and Paige. It was a much better match than the Bella match earlier so I'm happy to see it get more time and a higher up place on the card. The two Diva’s Paige and AJ Lee are at the top of their division and with no other contenders for the title in sight, it looks like the two will fight again at Survivor Series.

Seth Rollins w/ Jamie Nobel and Joey Mercury defeats Dean Ambrose: 13:54

Hell in a Cell Match 

Main Event time as a promo is shown on the Titantron, showing how this feud began as Seth Rollins betrayed his Shield brethren, Heart strings are tugged as Ambrose talks about his Onii chan~ Seth Rollins and how they will always be brothers. Fast forwards a few months and it’s time for them to be locked inside this twenty foot high steel structure that is Hell in a Cell, wanting to tear each others faces off!

Vrrrmm! The revving engine signals that the, “Titty Master”, Dean Ambrose is here and receives a huge pop from the crowd. Dean is ready for a fight as he enters with a Kendo stick strapped to his back. He enters the ring and begins to take chairs from under the ring along with a table which he throws into the ring as well as a bag full of surprises for later.

The weapons in the ring don’t look like they will be used as Ambrose immediately exits the cell and shouts, “We’re all gonna die”, before he climbs up to the top, with the Kendo stick and the crowd go wild! Seth 'Metal' comes out next along with the 'Cruiserweight Division' Jamie Nobel and Joey Mercury. Seth orders them to climb the cell, which they do, only to receive some brutal kendo stick hits in return. Seth comes out of nowhere and attacks Ambrose leading to a beat down with help by Nobel and Mercury. It doesn’t last long as Ambrose suplexes the two onto the top of the cell and I began to fear that the steel would collapse under them.

Seth tries to escape Ambrose during this distraction and begins to climb down the cell towards the commentators tables. Dean catches him in the act and chases after him. The two battle on the side of the cage, slamming each other's faces into the brutal cage walls and ultimately take a ten foot drop from half way up the cage through the tables below! The crowd go berserk and the bell hasn't even rung yet.

Paramedics come down and begin to put the two onto stretches as they both look like they've just died. As Seth is being wheeled out Ambrose breaks away from his stretcher and grabs Seth, dragging him back into the ring and yells at the referee’s outside to lock the cell. The bell rings and the match officially begins as Seth takes seven brutal chair shots to the back and stomach, echoing throughout the arena.

The cell was featured prominently in this match as Seth is tossed into it multiple times and takes a suicide dive from Ambrose outside, slamming his back against it hard. The weapons are also used effectively as Seth gains control; setting up a table up outside the ring and then attempting to suplex Ambrose into it from inside the ring, however failing to do so and instead receiving a second rope elbow drop from Ambrose.

Just as Ambrose begins to take control again he is attacked from the outside of the cell by 'Corporate Kane' and a fire extinguisher which he blows into Ambrose’s face. He then receives a Powerbomb through a table leaning against the cell wall and a Curb Stomp by Seth. Ambrose kicks out at two! and the crowd eat it up! Seth gets his Money in the Bank briefcase and set’s it up to Curb Stop Ambrose through it, failing as Ambrose hits Seth with the briefcase instead. Ambrose rolls out of the rings and pulls out two mysteriously lightweight Cinder Blocks and sets up Seth to curb stomp him through the cinder blocks like he did several months ago to Ambrose. 

The crowd lose their minds as Dean screams at Seth that he doesn't want to do this to him. SUDDENLY the arena’s lights go out and a strange mumbling can be heard through the speakers around the arena. A single lantern in the centre of the ring lights up and strange, ghostly figure of what looks like a girl appears in the smoke emanating around the lantern. Could this be Sister Abigail?

The TRUE identity of Sister Abigail.
Bray Wyatt charges through the smoke and clotheslines Ambrose, then delivers a 'Rock Bottom' to Ambrose giving Seth the 1-2-3 as he stares at Bray Wyatt, wondering why he's here. Seth leaves the ring with his goons as Bray remains in the ring, delivering a Sister Abigail to Ambrose and the pay-per-view ends with Wyatt laughing manically.

I enjoyed this match and was sat on the edge of my seat as the fighting on top of the cell raged on at the start of this match. I loved the use of the cell and the weapons inside however I feel like without the splash of red that blood gives made this fight feel tamer that it actually was. The finish ruins what could have been a great fight as it doesn't have Ambrose or Seth coming out strong, despite the brutal fight they just endured. I’d still have to give it match of the night.

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