29 November, 2014

The Free Games Of December 2014

It is not quite December yet, but both Sony and Microsoft have announced the free games coming to PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold subscribers. Here’s the full list.

24 November, 2014

Destiny - Update 1.0.3

Destiny; the game I have played the most disproportionate amount of in recent memory, despite my feelings on its actual value I still keep on shooting. Well maybe the latest update, 1.0.3 will alleviate some of it’s myriad issues, well if nothing else at least we can all grind Iron Banner rep again?

20 November, 2014

Review - Halo: The Master Chief Collection: You Have Lost Connection To The Host

Halo, the series that revolutionised the FPS genre on consoles has been remastered! All four games, although Halo 3 and 4 aren't that old, meaning that you can experience all that child like glee of bringing your Xbox to a friends house, sitting on a couch together and enjoying some good old fashioned CTF... Okay maybe not, but with four Halo campaigns to play you won't have time to play any multiplayer anyway!

17 November, 2014

Dropcast 06 - Advanced Amiibo's

Grab your Exo-suits and buckle up for another Dropcast! Join Matthew and Kyle as they talk about Video Games, their rising fame in Spain and more importantly; how pretty Link is.

15 November, 2014

Review - Sunset Overdrive, The Ultimate Grind

Fizzco’s latest energy drink, Overdrive – all the kids are drinking it – has had some unexpected consequences, the most dangerous being the OD (Over Dosed) mutants who rove the streets looking for yet more Overdrive to quench their ravenous thirst. Can Sunset Overdrive live up to its impressive announcement trailer? Is it possible to stomach this much videogame humour? Find out inside. 

09 November, 2014

Review - What If Kevin Spacey Had The Keys In Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

In the very words of the venerable Kevin Spacey, “…this is Advanced Warfare”. And to be fair, it gets pretty advanced, even outside of the widely marketed exo suits, there is a metaphoric ton of awesome near-future technology. If that’s not enough for you, here’s why I think Advanced Warfare is well worth seeing.

07 November, 2014

The Free Games for November 2014

It's November 2014 and you know what that means... Games are finally coming out! Though if you get bored playing your Call of Duty's or your Assassin Creed's you may want to check out some of the free games available this month on Xbox and PlayStation... as long as you are a PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscriber. See them after the break!

05 November, 2014

Review - The Lady of Class is Back in Bayonetta 2

Bayonetta 2 brings the Cereza’s unique brand of hair-based sass to the Wii U, and only to the Wii U, which is bound to leave Bayonetta fans with the arduous task of deciding if this game is worth a whole new system. Let me make that decision for you – she has a Link costume. Done! Well maybe not… But here is why I think Bayonetta 2 should be a system-seller.

03 November, 2014

Review - Cutting a Neon Swath in Samurai Warriors 4

Fresh from the fair fields of Hyrule, I jump straight into the not-so-dissimilar battles that now rage across feudal Japan. Samurai Warriors 4 is the first entry of its particular strain of Warriors titles on the current generation platforms, and if its Dynasty Warriors cousin is any indication, the Warring States are in for some big changes.