24 November, 2014

Destiny - Update 1.0.3

Destiny; the game I have played the most disproportionate amount of in recent memory, despite my feelings on its actual value I still keep on shooting. Well maybe the latest update, 1.0.3 will alleviate some of it’s myriad issues, well if nothing else at least we can all grind Iron Banner rep again?

Update 1.0.3

Update 1.0.3 hit last week and tackled a number of pretty big issues, most notably, and hopefully the most impactful, is the new voice options. A Team Chat channel has been added to the game, allowing guardians on the same team in the Crucible, or in Fireteams in Strikes to opt in and chat to one another. Before this patch players had to invite one another to parties every time they got a game, which is fine but this is 2014 and the very idea that you had to work around the game to connect with other players was pretty ridiculous. 

Truly, a game changer.
Another huge change is the number of bounty slots available, it has doubled from five to ten. This is bigger than it may sound put that way, it will allow all the Crucible bounties, or all the Vanguard bounties to be held at once (there are six of each every day), alongside at least four others. So event specifics, or those pesky Exotic weapons bounties can take up slots too, without too much juggling. There have been a few other updates to the Tower vendors as well; Shaders and Emblems can now be previewed before purchase, and armour upgrades are now surfaced on the item compare screen, with vendors and in the inventory. 

Iron Banner Reforged

Riding shotgun with this update was Lord Saladin - the pessimistic gentleman who stands in front of the flaming Iron Banner on the Tower. This is the second real appearance of the Iron Banner event, in this event, player levels are not flattened like in normal Crucible modes. A level 20 player has a very tangible advantage over a level 10, for example. But it has changed quite a lot; attack and defence ratings now matter, meaning those level 30s are extremely tough to kill, and very lethal. To make this slightly less of killing ground, players under level 20 must be grouped in a Fireteam with someone over level 20 if they want to compete. 

In what seems like typical Destiny patch fashion now, the number of rewards and the speed in which you can reach them is increased. At the time of the first Iron Banner event there were three tiers of reputation and rewards, whereas now there are five. These new rewards include new gauntlets and boots. Additionally, Iron Banner weapons specifically can now be reforged to mix up their perks, for the measly cost of two Motes of Light (and the current weapon progression). It could be really useful if you are lucky enough to roll a build useful to you, but costly if you need to re-roll. 

Tempering items can now be purchased to speed up Iron Banner reputation gain for twelve hours, gaining potency with each day the event is running. Furthermore, upon losing an Iron Banner match you gain a Medallion of Iron, these can be cashed in for reputation next time you win, so loses are not completely unproductive. However, unlike the last event, your Iron Banner reputation will be reset upon its conclusion, which is today - you’re welcome. 

So, it is now a sprint to reach the high reputation items rather than a multi-event grind. Whether or not this incarnation of the Iron Banner surfaces again remains to be seen, perhaps another rehash will take its place? Regardless the changes to the Iron Banner certainly made it a more of an event, rather than merely another multiplayer game type. 

The official 1.0.3 patch notes can be found here.

Additionally, Destiny Expansion Pass holders will find a new version of the Sparrow speeder bike in their special deliveries; the Tumbler. 

The Tumbler is a garish but fun mount, with the ability to strafe boost to the left or right, as well as break into rolls during jumps. 

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