09 December, 2014

The Dropkick: Survivor Series 2014 - Post Show

Survivor Series 2014; a show that has had so little build up to it I didn’t feel that it was worth doing a pre-show write up of the storylines leading from the last pay-per view, Hell in a Cell. Most of the storylines were only finalised in the last week before, or even on the show itself, including the Main Event featuring Team Cena vs. Team Authority whose team members were only finalised on the go home Monday Night Raw show.

Welcome to Sunday Night RAW live from- wait what, this is the Survivor Series pay-per view? You couldn’t tell by the Authority Promo to open the show. Seriously, why would the Authority need to come down to the ring and give a lengthy promo to try and build up the Main Event match; they even had Vince McMahon come down and painfully raise the stakes stating that if Team Authority lose the Main Event then only your favourite former United States marine John Cena can re-instate them back into power! Urgh….

The Miz and Damien Mizdow defeated Goldust and Stardust (c), The Usos (Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso) and Los Matadores (Diego and Fernando) (with El Torito): 15:25 

Fatal Four Way Tag Team match for the WWE Tag Team Championship

The opening match of the show saw a fatal four way tag team match between two teams that are extremely over; the champion Dust Brothers and Miz & Mizdow and two teams that no one could really care about; The Uso’s and Los Matadores - why are they even in this match? The rules of this fatal four way tag team match is that only two people can be in the ring at a time; however they can tag in any member of any team into the ring giving it an interesting gimmick. Stardust is in red rather than his usual blue and Mizdow is extremely over with the crowd. Everyone in the arena exploded whenever he did anything. There was a great moment when The Miz took a bump in the ring and fell to the mat below, so Mizdow hurled himself into the ring and imitated him, the crowd loved it, as did I.

In the build up to the end every man apart from The Uso’s are outside dazed, allowing the Uso’s do their patented and rather predictable suicide dive to the outside to topple everyone, then El Torito; Los Matadores mascot dives onto everyone and for some reason doesn’t get Los Matadores disqualified. Why? After an insane top rope spot involving Los Matadores and the Dust brothers, where they took a superplex-angle slam like move. The Miz quickly tags himself in only to have Mizdow tag himself in off The Miz, getting the win and the Tag Team titles. I freaked out like a child, jumping up and down in my chair, and flailing my hands in the air. The Miz grabs both titles as he proclaims “I won” and celebrates by raising both titles in the air to a loud boo from the crowd. Mizdow raises his hands in the air and cheers fill the arena. Awesome!

Team Fox (Alicia Fox, Emma, Naomi and Natalya) (with Tyson Kidd) defeated Team Paige (Paige, Cameron and The Slayers (Layla and Summer Rae): 14:23

It seems like Piage has really fell down the card in recent months; once the youngest Divas champion, now shoehorned into a match like this that had little to no build up other than a few scattered matches between some of the Diva’s in recent weeks and then the match was announced on WWE.com a week before the show.

The match is a clean sweep in favour of the Faces that go 0-4, first eliminating Cameron then Layla shortly after. Summer Rae tries her best to fight but is eliminated, leaving Paige on her own. Somebody better call Naomi’s mamma as she delivers the devastating butt slam to Paige and eliminates her. Overall not a very interesting match as I spent most of my time looking on Twitter at Tyson Kidd (Natalya’s husband) tweet pictures from ringside. Faces go over 0-4 in a match that means nothing.

Bray Wyatt defeated Dean Ambrose by disqualification: 13:59 

Singles Match

Before the match a promo was shown to try and piece together the what little story has occurred since Bray’s attack at Hell in a Cell. Which is nice, because I have no idea why they are feuding, something about Bray wanting to turn Ambrose evil and then something about Dean’s father being in jail… I’m still not sure. The engine revving noise is the signal that Dean “Titty Master” Ambrose is here to a massive pop from the crowd, followed shortly after by Bray who still has one of the most impressive entrances I’ve seen in WWE - it looks so cool. The match begins with a brutal brawl between the two, displaying how personal this feud has gotten. The match is filled with lots of collisions between the two, brawls and a few rest spots. Some of there collisions looked extremely painful; one instance is where Bray delivered a massive clothesline to Ambrose who fell to the floor after doing backflip onto his face. Ambrose imitates Bray’s upside down spider walk thing in the corner of the ring before being caught into a Sister Abigail for a 2 count.

After yet another brawl; this time outside Bray delivers a ‘Rock-bottom’ styled move onto the steel steps leaving Ambrose immobilised before grabbing a microphone and proclaiming that, “It didn’t have to be like this, we could have ruled the world together”. Ambrose rolls into the ring and Bray follows him in with a chair in hand. Ambrose takes the chair from Bray who kneels before him and tells Ambrose to “Punish him”

Ambrose hits Bray with the chair causing him to get disqualified, but the Titty Master doesn’t care about winning or losing, he only wants to punish Bray by delivering Dirty Deeds onto the chair laying on the floor. Ambrose rolls out of the ring to grab a table which he hits puts Bray through it via a top rope elbow drop. Ambrose then buries Bray under a second table and multiple chairs, the crowd chant E-C-W at his act. Dean grabs a large ladder and positions it in the ring and climbs to the top; looking like he’s gonna jump off onto Bray however he just poses up there as his music hits, setting up a Table, Ladders and Chairs match for the next pay-per view TLC.

Adam Rose and The Bunny defeated Slater Gator (Heath Slater and Titus O'Neil): 2:36 

Tag Team Match

Do my eyes deceive me? Heath Slater in a pay-per view? I must be dreaming! Well I’m not; both he and Titus O’Neil enter to a lukewarm entrance. I was happy just listening to the theme song before it was interrupted by Adam Rose and ‘The Bunny’ entrance. The Bunny tries to perform the trust fall from the ring apron before Rose stops him hinting towards more tension between the two. This match ended quickly as The Bunny gets the win pinning Heath Slater in just over 2 minutes. Why WWE?

Roman Reigns interview

Roman Reigns appeared ‘live via satellite’ on the Titantron for a short interview. After a cheap pop referencing the hometown crowd’s city, he stated that he wants to be back in time for the Royal Rumble; if you read the Dirtsheets you'll know that WWE plan to have Roman win and face Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 31 to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. You’d better “BUHLIVE THAT”.

Nikki Bella w/ Brie MooOoodeEee (Brie Bella) defeated AJ Lee (c): 0:35 

Singles Match for the WWE Divas Championship

If you thought the last match was short then you’re in for a surprise here! As the Bella’s enter the commentators make note that in two days Brie is no longer Nikki’s personal assistant. However, Brie doesn’t seem to be angry about this as she’s turned full heel with Nikki, seemingly doing whatever she asks with no remorse or second thought.

As the match begins Brie grabs the Diva’s Title from the referee and holds it on the ring apron. AJ tries to take the title back but is pulled close by Brie who kisses her. WHY WWE? Is it because this pay-per view was free and you’re trying to cash in on the pre-pubescent teens that may be watching? To make them think that this is what happens all the time? ‘Lesbihonest’ – AJ Lee 11/24/2014 No it doesn’t.

This kiss is in reference to the time at Wrestlemania 27 where AJ who at the time was dating Daniel Bryan kissed him, causing Sheamus to hit him off the distraction with the ‘Brogue kick’ and beat him for the World Heavyweight Championship in just 18 seconds. After the kiss Nikki quickly grabs the shocked AJ and hits her with the ‘Rack Attack’ to get a 1-2-3 count and the Diva’s Championship.

Team Cena (John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, Big Show, Erick Rowan and Ryback) defeated Team Authority (Seth Rollins, Kane, Mark Henry, Rusev and Luke Harper) (with Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Jamie Noble, Joey Mercury and Lana): 43:07

Main Event time! After an endless promo and even longer entrances all five members of each team they finally begin. Mark Henry and Big Show start the match off in the ring together and after a KO punch to Henry, Team Authority are down a man after a few seconds. Triple H and Steph who stand on the ringside look shocked at this, Rusev sighs and calls Henry useless.

Despite how big of a deal they made getting ‘DA BIG GUY’ Ryback on Team Cena, it doesn’t seem to make much of an impact as he was the first eliminated on his team. He put on an impressive display as he fought Rusev, but a Curb-Stop proved too much for him and he was out. Rusev and Ziggler fight it out leading to Rusev powerbombing Ziggler outside into the Heels and then dragging him over to the announcer’s tables. RIP Spanish announcer table as Rusev goes to splash Ziggler through the table only to have him roll away and get Rusev counted out. Gotta keep him strong!
The two former Wyatt members face of in the ring and the crowd go wild, after some fighting Luke Harper hits Rowan with a clothesline almost taking his head off, and he is out. It’s time for Cena to overcome the odds as he- OH NO! Big Show hits Cena with a KO punch and he is out cold on the floor. Vince Russo must be delighted at this swerve as Big Show shakes Triple H's hand and walks out of the arena. Cena is pinned by Rollins and Big Show and is counted out leaving Ziggler in a 3 vs. 1 against Seth Rollins, Luke Harper and the Demon Kane.

Kane is the first one to go for Team Authority after a superkick and a Zig-Zag in the centre of the ring. Harper, the man who took Ziggler’s Intercontinental Championship fights with Ziggler, hitting him with his own superkick to get a 2 count. His efforts go to waste as Ziggler gets him with a rollup and eliminates him making it a 1 vs. 1.

The Authority’s fate rests on Rollins as he’s the last one left to defeat Ziggler who’s had to fight his way past two men to get here. Ziggler gets hit with a number of painful moves but still manages to kick out at 2 each time, there’s still 10 mins left of the PPV after all. Ziggler hits Rollins with a Famouser! The ref counts to 2 only to have Triple H pull him out and leave him outside the ring unconscious.

After taking out the Cruiserweights Joey Mercury and Jamie Nobel, Ziggler hits Rollins with a Zig-Zag and second ref runs down to count the pin. This ref is thrown out by Triple H who comes into the ring and hits Ziggler with a pedigree. Triple H calls down a third ref who starts to count the pin. The ref gets to two but is stopped when suddenly ‘KA-KAWW’ Sting’s music hits and he walks out and down the ramp to the ring. 

Sting makes it down to the ring and he and Triple H have a stare down in the middle of the ring. The crowd are going insane, even more so when Sting hit’s Triple H with the Scorpion Death Drop and leaves him on the floor unconscious. Sting pulls Ziggler onto Seth Rollins and a referee counts the 3 count.

And there we have it! Team Cena comes out on top (Who didn’t see that coming?) and the Authority are over. As Ziggler is carried up the ramp by a referee and Cena comes out to celebrate his team’s victory in classic “I’m going over too brother” Hulk Hogan fashion. The show closes with the crowd singing “Na-na-na-na Goodbye” chants to Triple H and Steph in the middle of the ring.

Overall a good Pay-per view. Considering it was #FreeFreeFree for everyone with the Network (Oh, the network still isn’t out in the UK? Well doesn’t that suck for you, have fun paying!) For a free PPV it was alright, they clearly wanted to impress fans that were watching for free by having Sting debut in the hopes that they sign up for the Network. 

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