26 February, 2015

Can Rome Fall In A Day? Part 3

With a hostile horde of barbarians in our midst and a hole in our Empires defences, we continue to fight on in Total War: Attila.

25 February, 2015

Dropkick 04 - WWE Fastlane

We're on the Fastlane to Wrestlemania 31, loosing control and flipping horrifically off the highway only to have the paramedics arrive hours later to see the carnage.

23 February, 2015

Review - Only In The Order: 1886 Would Knights Call In Air Strikes

At no point playing The Order: 1886 did I have anything less than a great time, but equally, I did not find myself doing anything I haven't already done before. It is a vexing proposition, should a game be punished for not trying to be something it isn’t? Must all videogames aspire to push their gameplay forward somehow to be considered great?

21 February, 2015

Can Rome Fall In A Day? Part 2

Having been forever scarred by the experience, we continue to recount the first few turns of our Western Roman campaign in Total War: Attila. We pick up immediately after Part 1.

20 February, 2015

Dropcast 12 - Imagine a game...

Back form the Bakers with another dose of Dropcast goodness. Matthew and Kyle chit chat about Civ 5, the newly released Total War Atilla, DLC and the mystery that is Peter Molyneux.

19 February, 2015

Can Rome Fall In A Day? Part 1

In this series, we spin the tale of the opening few turns of Total War: Attila’s grand campaign, from the Western Roman Empire’s perspective, playing on the normal difficulty. Surrounded by barbarians and nomadic hordes, the Empire’s borders are quickly painted a bloody crimson.

18 February, 2015

Review - Dying Light, Shining In Places

As the game started and I parachuted down into the streets of Haran, I am quickly thrown into the action being bitten by an infected and attacked by Rais’ thugs. Thanks to the quick intervention of Jade and Amir, I am able to escape and survive, though Amir is not so lucky.

17 February, 2015

Matthew Plays - Cherry Tree High I! My! Girls!

Matthew sits down and records his first video where he begrudgingly plays (for as long as he can) Cherry Tree High I! My! Girls!, a game about a Teen pop star that unfortunately isn't Hatsune Miku and some sort of Comedy Club?

16 February, 2015

Review - Evolve; It's Asymmetric

We descend into the foetid jungles of Evolve, in pursuit of terrifyingly alien creatures, driven by the thrill of the hunt. How far will the allure of the big hunt take us? Just how thrilling does it get? And perhaps most importantly, how long do jetpacks take to refill?

14 February, 2015

Dropkick 03 - NXT Takeover Rival

Join Matthew and Kyle for another episode of the Dropkick, so roll up your sleeve and prepare for a revitalizing shot of NXT goodness!

11 February, 2015

Review - Midnight Star, Bringing The Combat Puzzle To Mobile

You are amongst the best humanity has to offer, pushing off into the unknown, following a hint of alien life. But of course, as with all things given such ominous names as, the ‘Artifact’, something goes horribly wrong, and the aliens being hostile isn’t the half of it.

09 February, 2015

Dropping In - Hyrule Warriors Majora's Mask Pack

Join the super well-informed Hyrule Historians, Matthew and Kyle, as they check our what's new in the Hyrule Warriors Majora's Mask Pack. Tingle mostly.


07 February, 2015

Dropping In - Fractured Space

Join the Matthew and Kyle as they helm a sick sniper ship and blast enemy vessels out of existence in Fractured Space. Fractured Space is a capital ship on capital ship, team-based multiplayer game, currently in Early Access on Steam.

06 February, 2015

Midweek Musings - 06/02/15 Actually, Space Dragons Sound Kind Of Awesome

While we are well aware it is no longer ‘midweek’, now is a good a time as any to consider the impact that Dragon Age Inquisition, ‘…the most successful launch in BioWare history.’, (Andrew Wilson, EA CEO) could have on the next Mass Effect game, so strap in for some wild speculation! Just as warning, there are some mild spoilers for the Mass Effect games, but nothing critical that would spoil the experience for anyone unfamiliar.

05 February, 2015

Nothing Can Prepare Your Body For This Much Persona

We tend not to be in the business of reposting trailers or parroting press releases, or doing news at all really… but nonetheless, today we make an exception. Atlus have been kind enough to gift us all with not one, but two Persona trailers and a little something extra, all found within!

Dropping In - Air Guardians

Air combat ace Kyle takes fledgling pilot Matthew under his wing as they take on the most vomit-inducing g-forces in the sky's of Air Guardians. A flight combat game currently available on Steam.

04 February, 2015

Dropping In - Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire

Join the guys as they shatter empires and wage tabletop warfare in Exodus Wars: Fractured Empire. A turn based strategy game, in the vein of the Warhammer 40k tabletop game, with a surprisingly deep lore of it's own. Currently available on Steam.

03 February, 2015

Review - Grim Fandango, Strange, Yet Symbolically Compelling

It has always been trivially easy to label Grim Fandango a timeless classic, its place secure in pantheon of nineties adventure games. But it has not been so trivial to play, and validate such a claim, until now that is. With the release of Grim Fandango Remastered we are pressed with the difficult question; just how timeless is it?

02 February, 2015

Dropping In - Void Destroyer

Matthew and Kyle launch into the endless, star-studded abyss. Bringing to bear what little piloting, captaining and tactical skills they have, in Void Destroyer. A hybrid of space combat and real time strategy, currently available on Steam.

01 February, 2015

Dropcast 11 - Holographic Xenomorphs

Matthew and Kyle are back with another Dropcast. Here they talk about the important things like Microsoft's Hololense, WWE's 2015 Royal Rumble but more importantly, Skeletons and Xenomorphs in sweaters.

Dropping In - Guild Commander

Kyle and Matthew dispatch adventurers, scholars, and company, to solve the land's problems in Guild Commander, an ironically simple simulation management game on Steam.