26 February, 2015

Can Rome Fall In A Day? Part 3

With a hostile horde of barbarians in our midst and a hole in our Empires defences, we continue to fight on in Total War: Attila.

Part 3

As a fresh turn begins, I raise my first fleet, Classis I, in Camulodumn, Britannia. Here, I am reminded that in both Attila, and Rome II, armies and fleets can be somewhat customised, I promptly rename all of my armies to Legio I through VI. Having been largely abandoned by the Eastern portion of the Empire, I care little that some of their legions bare the same numbering, and these legions have not yet proven themselves worthy of honorific titles.

The Suebian horde, the 'Slayers', camped near Lugdunum.

Now into the turn proper, I first move Legio IV to Virunum and begin recruiting, in preparation to retake Savaria, in order to close the gaping wound in the Empires flank. I send both Legio VI and IV towards the recently hostile Suebian horde, outside of Lugdunum. While neither Legion can match the scale of Suebian horde, I plan to attack simultaneously with both armies, hopefully joined by the Lugdunum city garrison as well.

The extremely hostile diplomacy window.

A quick look at the diplomacy window shows that  pretty much everyone hates the Western Empire. None of my pleas for non-aggression pacts, or trade rights, areso much as entertained by the foreign rulers this turn.

The end of the turn appears to be a signal to the barbarian horde, and the slaughter begins once
again. The Suebians hitch their encampment and attack Legio VI, dashing my plans at a combined attacked. I defer command of the battle to my general, who fails miserably in his duties.

While the defeat is not surprising, his performance was disappointing; according to the after action report, the Legion was unable to make even a single kill. 

But alas, that was the only incursion this time. As a new turn begins, I notice the economy looks in much better shape than what it was previously, but that sudden burst of confidence is buried beneath the realisation that this is because I just lost a sizeable fraction of my military force.

Despite our recent failures, our power is growing and we are feared. By someone. Allegedly. 

This turn I spend pretty much all the money we have on further development of towns and cities. Just as I am about to end the turn, I noticed three fresh hordes outside of Sirium, the most distant and largest settlement in the Pannonia province. Two of the hordes are very hostile Ostrogoths, the third are the Lazyges, whom we apparently have a non-agression pact with. I also spot a Vandal horde near to Vesontio, north of Italy. 

The hordes in Pannonia.

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