05 February, 2015

Nothing Can Prepare Your Body For This Much Persona

We tend not to be in the business of reposting trailers or parroting press releases, or doing news at all really… but nonetheless, today we make an exception. Atlus have been kind enough to gift us all with not one, but two Persona trailers and a little something extra, all found within!

Persona 5

This is our first glimpse and the gameplay of Persona 5, which is coming to PlayStation 3 and 4 in Japan sometime this year, but we still don’t know when it will be available in the west. Although the www.atlus.com (the US arm of Atlus) shows the 2015 date, one can always hope right? Persona 5 was nominated as one of our Most Anticipated Games of 2015.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night

PlayStation Vita exclusive, Persona 4: Dancing All Night is a rhythm game, the trailer below highlights some of the remixed Persona 4 songs featured in the game. It is releasing June 25th in Japan and some yet-to-be-disclosed time this year in the west.

Below is the opening theme of Persona 4: Dancing All Night, called simply, ‘Dance!’. It’s pretty great and exceedingly Persona 4. 

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