07 April, 2015

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided leaked - I asked for this!

Earlier today a Russian site leaked information on the latest entry into the popular Deus Ex series, "Deus Ex: Mankind Divided". A re-branding of the series similar to the recent Tomb Raider games where it looks like the choices and actions from the prequel 'Deus Ex: Human Revolution' are null and void. The leak is available here and here if you wish to read Russian or badly Google translated pages!

I love the Deus Ex series! I even wrote a Dustin' Off piece for our site, where I revisited the Original and best game in the series simply titled Deus Ex, the disappointing sequel Deus Ex: Invisible War that was practically unplayable! And the latest and first re-branding to the series Human Revolution, which was a good game, just didn't live up to the original games roots.
"As in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the events unfold in different parts of the world. For example, in Prague, Czech Republic, Jensen will have to sort things out with Victor Marchenko - an officer in the so-called Coalition of Human augmented (Augmented Rights Coalition)." - Russian Leak
With apparent "Updates to the AI" and varying locations taking place around the world, including the city of Prague it looks to address some of my complaints with Human Revolution, where all of the areas looked the same and the AI wasn't too great...

With the story starting from scratch, the endings from Deus Ex: Human Revolution no longer being cannon, in order to get around that one ending that let you kill Adam Jensen and blow everything up - yes you will replay as Adam Jensen! who brings the with him the infamous Yellow Filter. Also removed from the cannon are things like; Farid Malik possibly surviving the crash and assault during the game even if you saved her (Press F to pay respects). 

Some leaked features and gameplay elements:

"In an open battle Jensen also have hard times: opponents bypass with flank attack of the entire group. Also at your disposal will go more useful implants. Now, Adam can not only see enemies through walls, but also scan them for electronics and ammunition. Hacker will allow the implant to hack turrets and computers at a distance (as in the Watch Dogs )" - Russian Leak
"Do you remember the blade in the hands of Jensen? In Mankind Divided is a lethal weapon will receive an alternative type of attack - Adam learned to shoot a crossbow as a blade. Fans of "noisy" passing too will be satisfied: Jensen blinds enemies smokescreen and with the help of X-ray vision shoots them from an automatic rifle" - Russian Leak
"For protection from enemy fire can be briefly activated nano-shield and then bullets will bounce off the chest of Adam. In general, mechanical augmentations of Human Revolution remained untouched, but the amount of improvement has increased markedly" - Russian Leak

The game looks to be launching on PC (most likely Steam), Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with no news yet on whether the game will launch on the last gen consoles - or the Wii U for that matter... Either way the 'Screenshots' look impressive but are no way what the game will look like when it launches. I like the new style and design of the world and weapons especially in the below screenshot!

The concept art for this series is always amazing and the worlds are pretty immersive, I didn't enjoy Human Revolutions plot too much as it didn't make sense to me... Why wouldn't you want kickass robot parts and augmentations?! This game looks to have a plot focused on different groups of Augmented people fighting which already sounds more interesting, but nothing of the plot other than the above quote gives us any clues as to what this game will be about.

Gameinformer have the scoop with a full month’s worth of coverage including an official CGI trailer detailing more about the game that you should all go check out! It certainly got me more excited for the game than I already am, plus they talk a little about where the story is heading!

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