30 June, 2015

Dropcast 25 - Shingeki no Waifu

Matthew and Kyle are once again back to cover the big topics in the Video Game world such as Batman, Animal Crossing, Attack on Titan and most importantly Waifu dating sims.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night Is Releasing Fall 2015 In Europe

Atlus have finally announced a European release window for their upcoming cross dressing/rhythm game, Persona 4: Dancing All Night. Between this and Persona Q, maybe Atlus’ hate of Europe is subsiding after all these years?

Persona 4: Dancing All Night European

28 June, 2015

GameDropZone Plays - Halo 3: ODST Episode 1

The Rookie and the Rookie jump feet first into hell (also known as the Halo: The Master Chief Collection) to check out Halo 3: ODST. Naturally, no foray into New Mombasa would complete without a healthy dose of wall smear courtesy of the Covenant’s Hunters. 

27 June, 2015

Dropkick 11 - WWE Money In The Bank 2015

Matthew and Kyle are cashing in yet another episode of The Dropkick, this time they're covering WWE Money in the Bank; one of the most exciting PPV's of the year!

26 June, 2015

Review - Her Story, Told Your Way

Grab your trench coat and light one up because in Her Story you'll be doing your own detective work, of a fashion. Her Story is a novel full-motion video (FMV) game that I believe is well worth checking out.

her story Viva Seifert

25 June, 2015

Dropkick 10 - WWE Elimination Chamber 2015

Matthew and Kyle are back, ready to be locked inside the demonic and hellish structure known as the Elimination Chamber where they will piss about for several minuets and botch a lot. This episode is only a few weeks late so enjoy!

24 June, 2015

Dropping In - Elite: Dangerous

Kyle shows Matthew how to waste missiles against wanted scum in Elite: Dangerous, on the PC.

23 June, 2015

Dropping In - Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Multiplayer Beta

Kyle and Matthew a rev chainsaw together in Gears of War, on the Xbox One, because matchmaking in a party was so last generation...

22 June, 2015

Review - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, More Than A Few Imp-erfections

The Witcher 3 is a dark fantasy epic, filled with scheming elves, vengeful spirits, cruel men, and ambitious women. Its tales are delivered with peerless form, it is a crying shame then, that in order to experience such delights, one must play the game.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

21 June, 2015

Dropcast 24 - Post E3 2015 (Part 2)

Matthew and Kyle are back for part two, covering all things that happened at the Ubisoft, Sony, Nintendo and Square Enix conferences at this year's E3.

Dropcast 24 - Post E3 2015 (Part 1)

Matthew and Kyle are coming down from the hot and steamy news that was E3 2015. In this first part of a very long podcast the guys give you the run down of the Bethesda, Microsoft and EA conferences this year!

19 June, 2015

Matthew Plays - Pokémon Fire Red Nuzlocke Episodes 16-17

I wanna take the ultimate step, find the courage to be bold! To risk it all and not forget,The lessons that I hold! I wanna go where no one's been, far beyond the crowd! Learn the way to take command, use the power that's in my hand! Because, we all live in a Pokémon world and you should check out these new episodes!

18 June, 2015

E3 2015 - A Look At Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Black Ops III appears to be the most divergent Call of Duty in recent years, let’s take a look at how they are shaking things up.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

17 June, 2015

E3 2015 - A Look At Fire Emblem: Fates

We take a quick look at how Intelligent Systems’ latest Fire Emblem title plans to shake things up.

Fire Emblem: Fates

16 June, 2015

E3 2015 - Square Enix Press Conference Roundup

Well it wasn’t the smoothest or most dynamic conference this year, but they brought heart and a lot of games! Let’s run through Square Enix’s line up.

E3 2015 - Square Enix Press Conference Roundup

E3 2015 - Nintendo Press Conference Roundup

Nintendo upped the crazy Japanese quotient with their Direct this year, catch up on all they showcased right here!

E3 2015 - Nintendo Press Conference Roundup

E3 2015 - Destiny The Taken King Gets Physical (Releases)

Bungie have released details of the many ways Destiny players can get their hands, physically and digitally, on the upcoming expansion. 

E3 2015 - Bethesda 'Hope' To Bring PC Mods To Fallout 4 On PS4 Too

With the monumental Fallout 4 reveal at Bethesda’s E3 conference and then the subsequent reveal at Microsoft's E3 conference, that PC mods will be available for the Xbox One version of the game, it’s leaving some to question whether or not this feature will come to the PlayStation 4.

E3 2015 - A Look At Shadow of the Beast

We take a look at the lesser-known PlayStation 4 exclusive, Shadow of the Beast.

E3 2015 - Shadow of the Beast

E3 2015 - How To Play Xbox 360 Games On Xbox One Via Backwards Compatibility

It was announced by Microsoft during E3 conference, that the Xbox One will soon have Backwards Compatibility, allowing gamers to play Xbox 360 games on their Xbox One, sometime later this year. This feature is now available to Xbox Preview members and here is how to do it.

E3 2015 - Sony Press Conference Roundup

In the UK or Europe? Chances are you missed the Sony Press Conference, but fear not, we've got you covered!

E3 2015 - Sony Press Conference Roundup

E3 2015 - Ubisoft Press Conference Roundup

Aisha’s back with Ubisoft’s Press Conference, bringing all the expletives and canned friendship you could ask for! Check it out.

E3 2015 - Ubisoft Press Conference Roundup

15 June, 2015

E3 2015 - EA Press Conference Roundup

It’s EA Press Conference time! That means three things; slick suits, slicker executives, and sports. We watched half an hour of tackling enhancements so you don’t have to, enjoy!

E3 2015 - Microsoft Press Conference Roundup

We’ve run down all the hot (and cold) reveals and announcements from Microsoft’s E3 2015 Press Conference! Screenshots courtesy of Gamespot’s buttery smooth live stream.

E3 2015 - Microsoft Press Conference

E3 2015 - Bethesda Press Conference Roundup

Check out all that Bethesda showed and announced during their demon-infested press conference, right here.

E3 2015 Bethesda Press Conference

13 June, 2015

Dropcast 23 - Pre3 2015

Matthew and Kyle are hyped and ready for this year's E3. Join them as they talk about their predictions and expectations for the Bethesda, Microsoft, Ubisoft, EA, Sony, Nintendo and Square Enix conferences.


Matthew and Kyle dunk into the MASSIVE CHALICE, taking the fight to the pesky Cadence and bringing to light the ethical dilemmas of an immortal ruler.

10 June, 2015

Midweek Musings - 10/06/15 Diamonds Are Forever And Know I Know Why

This week I reflect upon the often besmirched ‘diamond’ of player choice in videogames, from a newfound perspective. Warning, there are substantial spoilers, concerning the Mass Effect series, The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings, and Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 1.

Midweek Musings

09 June, 2015

Spoils Of The Avvar, The Latest (And Raunchiest) Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC

We've run down the Spoils of the Avvar downloadable content for Dragon Age: Inquisition, complete with images. A word of caution, flaky (wo)man flesh inside.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Spoils of the Avvar

Destiny The Taken King Details Leaked, Rumoured To Hit This September

The goods ship Bungie just keeps on leaking; get ready to start scrubbing down oily seabirds this September.

08 June, 2015

Kyle Plays - Destiny House of Wolves, The Archon-Slayer

Bet you thought (or wished) you’d seen the last of the Destiny, but this particular corpse, as desiccated as it is, just won’t stay in the ground. Kyle drops into the Hellmouth for a spot of Archon slaying.

07 June, 2015

Dropcast 22 - Nuclear Ink

Join Matthew and Kyle as they slide open the doors to Vault 111 and see that the world is not an apocalyptic wasteland, instead it's filled with Kids, and Squids!

06 June, 2015

Dropping In - Splatoon Multiplayer

The guys discuss the origins of the Squelcher, amongst other vaguely Splatoon related topics. This is not for the faint of heart. *Insert apology to Nintendo executives here*.

Dropping In - Splatoon Single Player

In this totally timely video, Kyle plops into an early single player mission of Splatoon with Matthew, who is definitely not jaded.  

05 June, 2015

Matthew Plays - Pokémon Fire Red Nuzlocke Episodes 14-15

We all live in a Pokémon world! (Po-ké-mon) I wanna be the greatest Master of them all! (Greatest Master) We all live in a Pokémon world (Po-ké-mon) Put myself to the test, To be better than all the rest! Ungh! So uh... two new episodes of my Pokémon Fire Red Nuzlocke playthough... you should watch them... or not, that's cool

04 June, 2015

Review – Splatoon Stays Fresh

There’s a good chance that the anthropomorphic squid-kids were enough to get you on board already – having seen the filth that erodes Iwata’s faith in humanity on the Miiverse, I can say that with some confidence. But if that’s not enough for you, then we should probably explore how Nintendo of all companies was able to bring more creativity to the multiplayer shooter space than just about anyone since Call of Duty 4.

Splatoon Banner

03 June, 2015

Looks Like Destiny The Taken King Is Real

Because you know what kids? Nothing ships copies like energy drink promotions. Guardian-fuel, I’m telling you, it’ll make them billions. You better be listening Bobby!

Destiny The Taken King