09 June, 2015

Destiny The Taken King Details Leaked, Rumoured To Hit This September

The goods ship Bungie just keeps on leaking; get ready to start scrubbing down oily seabirds this September.

Last week we reported on some shots of Red Bull boxes that boasted redeemable codes for Destiny’s rumoured upcoming expansion, The Taken King. Today Kotaku claimed to have received a substantial leak of marketing materials, the original post can be found here.

According to Kotaku’s source, corroborated with other contacts, The Taken King will be launching September 15th for the price of $40.  

Each of the three classes will receive a third subclass, with a new elemental super for the elements previously lacked:  

  • Warlocks an Arc ‘electrical storm’.
  • Hunters a Void ‘gravity bow’.
  • Titans a Solar ‘flaming hammer’.

New playable content will include more story missions, strikes and Crucible maps, in addition to another raid. This raid will apparently see players face off against Oryx, Crota’s creator/father (sadly I don’t know enough about Hive reproduction).  Crota being the raid boss from The Dark Below expansion.

Oryx will supposedly be leading the ‘Taken’, which implies a new race of enemies. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see at E3 for confirmation, because I am more than prepared to believe that the Taken will be nothing more than a reskinned group of Hive.

Still no word on the Guardian-fuel, but I’m telling you, it’s coming.

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