16 June, 2015

E3 2015 - Destiny The Taken King Gets Physical (Releases)

Bungie have released details of the many ways Destiny players can get their hands, physically and digitally, on the upcoming expansion. 

The Taken King was unveiled during Sony’s E3 Press Conference last night, adding new subclasses, story, locations, and rehashed enemies. Releasing September 15th this year, it’ll come packed with all the industry-standard bonuses and rewards the original release was mercifully free of.

The Taken King – Digital Download $39.99

This is the most basic download, packing just The Taken King expansion, available to players who already own the base game and the two previous expansions; The Dark Below and House of Wolves. It comes with a selection of ‘VIP’ rewards; Founder’s Fortune Year 1 emblem, Sparrow, armour shader, and ‘more at launch…’.

 Destiny The Taken KingThe Taken King – Digital Collector’s Edition $79.99

For players who don’t already own Destiny, this contains the game plus all of the expansions, including of course, The Taken King. It comes bundled with three class-specific emotes, three armour shaders, and three exotic class items, with XP bonuses.

 Destiny The Taken KingThe Taken King – Collector’s Edition $79.99

For the exact same price, you could purchase the physical edition that will ship with all the Digital Collector’s content, in addition to ‘Cayde-6’s Intel Cache’. Containing physical items, including; a ‘modified Treasure Island book with intro letter…’, personal notes, relics and artefacts, and a Strange Coin replica. An ‘early access’ weapon pass, granting weapons that will be available in-game on January 1st, 2016 for all other players. Oh and a steel book case.

The Taken King – Legendary Edition $59.99

This physical version contains the game and all of the expansions, including The Taken King.

While it’s not made particularly clear, it seems as if every version will come packed with the VIP rewards mentioned in the Digital Download release. 

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