16 June, 2015

E3 2015 - Nintendo Press Conference Roundup

Nintendo upped the crazy Japanese quotient with their Direct this year, catch up on all they showcased right here!

E3 2015 - Nintendo Press Conference Roundup

Starfox Zero


E3 2015 Starfox ZeroThe show opened up with Reggie, Miyamoto and Iwata puppets, which will soon flood the internet in gif form. The puppets slowly turned into Starfox characters and then gameplay of the new Starfox Zero game was shown. This included mech combat and new vehicles like the hovercraft. The new first-person aiming mechanics offered by the Wii U Gamepad were also demonstrated. The name of the game is inspired by the Kanji for Zero ‘’.

According to Reggie, the theme for Nintendo this year is transformation, this goes for their games and the company itself as they celebrate Mario’s 30th anniversary and reflect on how they have changed and will continue to change. Discussing their theme parks, mobile, and new console investments, which we will learn more about in 2016.

Skylanders Superchargers 

New Amiibos are on their way along with ‘Turbo Charged Donkey Kong’, with a Barrel blaster and ‘Hammer Slam Bowser’, with his Clam Cruiser, for the new Skylanders Superchargers game. These Amiibos will work with both Skylanders and Amiibo allowing you to switch between the two.

E3 2015 Legend of Zelda: Triforce HeroesLegend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes

A 3 player co-operative game on the 3DS, Triforce Heroes allows players to stand atop each other, forming a totem. A totem of Link. The phrase ‘Totem Time’ popped up multiple times in the demonstration. During the following ‘Dev Story’, it was revealed that the game is set in a fashionable kingdom, each costume offers different abilities. It’s set to launch fall 2015.

Hyrule Warriors Legends

This 3DS title will include all the downloadable characters from the Wii U version, in addition to new characters and stages inspired by Windwaker. Koei Tecmo representing!

Metroid Prime: Blast Ball

Some kind of 3 versus 3, first-person ball sport was shown on the 3DS.  It may or may not be part of the next game…  

Metroid Prime: Federation Force

Coming 2016 to the 3DS, Federation Force includes co-operative multiplayer and the aforementioned Blast Ball.

Fire Emblem Fates

A trailer for the upcoming, Fire Emblem Fates showed anime boys and girls fighting in their most dynamic manner yet. Don’t fear, the beautiful anime cutscenes are still present. It’s due to release 2016.

E3 2015 Fire Emblem Fates

E3 2015 Shin Megami Tensei x Fire EmblemShin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem

A Fire emblem/Persona mix brings you all the hottest Japanese synthetic singing (similar to Vocaloid) that you could want. The trailer was all in Japanese making it hard to translate as we are but baka gaijins, but it looked cool! It will release sometime 2016.

e3 2015 Xenoblade Chronicles X

Xenoblade Chronicles X

A game full of mechs, monsters, and awesome music, Xenoblade Chronicles X is set to release on the 4th of December, 2015.

E3 2015 Animal Crossing Happy Home Decorator

Animal Crossing Happy Home Decorator

Just in case you haven’t had your daily cute Animal Crossing goodness, Animal Crossing Happy Home Decorator is here to help! The game lets you work for Tom Nook, the ‘Evil’ as many fans of the series would call him, Real Estate manager under the Happy Homes sector. In the game you can meet old fan favourites such as Isabelle and KK Slider as you design homes, classrooms, and even restaurants for the animals in the Village on your 3DS.

Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival 

Coming of the piping hot Animal Crossing Happy Home Decorator news, comes the much colder yet still cool Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival, releasing holiday 2015. The game looks to combine Animal Crossing gameplay with that of Mario Party and with the name ‘Amiibo’ in there, you can already guess that there will most likely be some way to use your precious Amiibos in game.

Yoshi’s Woolly World

Yoshi’s Woolly World made another appearance, looking as adorable as ever, until it took a dark turn… Yoshi can transform into bizarre hybrids of other characters, such as Mario, using Amiibo, co-operative multiplayer was also shown.

Yo-Kai Watch

Many Yo-Kais were befriended in this trailer for the 3DS game Yo-Kai watch. It didn’t look unlike Pokemon in some regards?

Mario & Luigi Paper Jam

A short gameplay trailer was shown of Mario, Luigi and Paper Mario beating up Goomba’s and taking their lunch money – or whatever passes for Goomba money… It will be coming to 3DS next spring.

Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

They played tennis. At one point Mario jumped. Also the camera was dangerously close to capturing wholly inapposite shots of Peach. You can play too, on the Wii U this holiday season!

E3 2015 Super Mario MakerSuper Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker was displayed, showing how easy it is for anyone to develop a stage, using any part of Mario they want. For example; Goomba’s can now be put underwater and enemies can be stacked atop each other to make a tower. Miyamoto talked about how hard it was to design and then make changes on the stages for the original game. Amiibos will have support in the game as you can pick up a mushroom power up and turn into an 8-bit version of the Amiibo character used. An announce Date of September 11th 2015 was given for North America.

Reggie closed the show by saying that Mario has touched everyone… Revealing a fun side project called ‘Let’s go Super Mario’, where you can upload videos of yourself cosplaying or playing the Mario theme, to celebrate Mario’s 30th anniversary.

E3 2015  Nintendo

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