16 June, 2015

E3 2015 - A Look At Shadow of the Beast

We take a look at the lesser-known PlayStation 4 exclusive, Shadow of the Beast.

E3 2015 - Shadow of the Beast

Announced in 2013, Shadow of the Beast is a remake of the 1989 Commodore Amiga side-scroller of the same name. Developed by Heavy Spectrum Entertainment Labs, known only for their previous small PlayStation Vita releases, Shadow of the Beast is a fantasy action game with some pretty cool art. The screenshots below are taken from a pre-alpha build of the game.

E3 2015 - Shadow of the Beast

Following the story of the malformed Aarbron, Shadow of the Beast explores the exotic world of Karamoon. It promises brutal combat, against both hordes of creatures and towering behemoths. In addition to the single player, the game will feature an asynchronous multiplayer mode, where you’ll encounter and confront the ‘souls of your friends’, as well as a survival mode called “Zaelek’s Challenges”. (Click to enlarge). 

E3 2015 - Shadow of the Beast
E3 2015 - Shadow of the BeastE3 2015 - Shadow of the Beast
It’s coming digitally, exclusively to PlayStation 4 at a yet-to-be announced date. 

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