16 June, 2015

E3 2015 - Square Enix Press Conference Roundup

Well it wasn’t the smoothest or most dynamic conference this year, but they brought heart and a lot of games! Let’s run through Square Enix’s line up.

E3 2015 - Square Enix Press Conference Roundup

Just Cause 3

E3 2015 Just Cause 3
Just Cause 3 was shown in between long expositions delivered by both executives and developers. The trailers showed; guns, cars, jets, and plenty of explosions. Phil Rogers; CEO of Square Enix Europe & America mentioned the Just Cause 2 multiplayer they have supported and promised to provide post-release support for Just Cause 3. The gameplay featured a wingsuit, a grappling hook, that can now attach to multiple targets and retract, set in a large, 400 square-mile world. Set on the island of Medici, ruled by an utterly ridiculous dictator hell-bent on world domination, the game launches December 1st 2015.


Yosuke Saito came out on stage and introduced a new title, which he has wanted to develop for years, though work has only recently begun; a new NieR. The subtitle was never confirmed; Saito said that more information would be available in autumn. He did reveal however, that the game will be coming to the PlayStation 4, being developed by none other than Platinum Games, developers of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and Bayonnetta.

E3 2015 NieR

Rise of the Tomb Raider

The Tomb Raider presentation begun with the same trailer short that ran at Microsoft press conference. Following that, a short video detailed the many new technical advances that have allowed Crystal Dynamics to make Lara’s story even more believable. You know pores - the ultimate form of expression. Naturally, they couldn’t resist covering her in dirt, blood, and snow before the presentation ended.

Lara Croft Go

A cell shaded, turn-based Lara Croft game was announced for mobile devices, very much in the vein of the 2014 release, Hitman Go.

A short montage was shown including games such as Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward, Life is Strange, and Dragon Quest Heroes (Koei Tecmo representing again!).

Final Fantasy VII Remake

The trailer from the Sony press conference was shown again. It was also announced that the PlayStation port of the old version of the game has been pushed back to winter and will also launch on iOS.

E3 2015 Kingdom Hearts Unchained Kingdom Hearts Unchained

Coming to iPhone and Android, with a North American release, this cartoonish role-playing game was perhaps not the announcement that Kingdom Heart fans have been long awaiting.

E3 2015 Kingdom Hearts III
Kingdom Hearts III

A loud “OH MAI GAWD!” could be heard from a member of the crowd as a trailer for Kingdom Hearts III was shown, talking about the ‘Keyblade Wars’ that we are obviously all familiar with. Before showing what looked to be open world, or at least large open areas, featuring fast hack and slash combat, at one point the character rode a train into a giant Orc monster. Oddly, we noted intense sexual tension between the narrating characters – wonder how Disney feels about that!

World of Final Fantasy

The trailer first seen at the Sony press conference was played again, followed by a brief overview of the approach the developers have taken. They seek to overcome the stigma of the Final Fantasy brand (their words were kinder) and draw in players of all kinds, hence the new art style.

E3 2015 Hitman Hitman

Hitman gameplay was shown; in which the wide possibilities for chaos and assassination were demonstrated on the poor fashion buff from yesterday’s reveal trailer. There was a poisoning, an axe-murder, but the most satisfying death had to be from the hail of chandeliers falling from the ceiling. The game will sport regular new content, driven by player feedback, including timed targets. For example, a target will be available for perhaps 48 hours, after which point the target will never be viable again. A ‘digital release’ lands December 8th.

A second montage was played, showing Hitman Sniper, Triad Wars, and Final Fantasy XV

E3 2015 Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness
Star Ocean Integrity and Faithlessness

The announcement kicked off with a something about space, time, and words ending in ‘ology’, before transitioning into gameplay. A party of colourful characters travelled between environments, worlds presumably, using somewhat sickening transitions. The real time combat was shown off, with ‘seamlessness’ being the key design tenant; seamless transitions between battles, cutscenes, and the game world. It will be releasing winter 2015 in Japan, 2016 in North America and Europe, aiming for 60fps.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

It was announced that the team behind Deus Ex: Human Revolution would be making this game too, taking place 2 years after the events of Human Revolution. The game focuses on the divide between Augmented and non-Augmented humans. The augmented have been forced to live in ghetto, neo-dystopian slums, naturally filled with plenty of neon. Adam Jensen is back and once again the Illuminati are involved.  You will be able to attempt to bring the terrorists out into the light in early 2016 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

E3 2015 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Yosuke Matsuda came out to close the show and announce a Final Fantasy Portal app coming this summer, along with the debut of a new game development company called, Tokyo RPG Factory, which will focus on creating Japanese RPG’s. The concept art from their first can be seen below.

E3 2015 Tokyo RPG Factory

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