03 June, 2015

Looks Like Destiny The Taken King Is Real

Because you know what kids? Nothing ships copies like energy drink promotions. Guardian-fuel, I’m telling you, it’ll make them billions. You better be listening Bobby!

Destiny The Taken King

First surfacing back in May, ‘The Taken King’, complete with the logo you see above, was a trademark registered (on April 28) by a Bungie attorney. As GameInformer pointed out, Activision enjoys a good old bait and switch when it comes to trademark fillings, having had Blizzard file for ‘The Dark Below’. That turned out to be Destiny’s first expansion.

The tweets below, courtesy of @AgriosEndendros, show the hot Destiny/Red Bull promotion.

Each pack contains a redeemable code, granting bonus XP and an, ‘Epic Quest’, emphasis on the quotation marks. To be punched in at redbullquest.com, a site that currently provides a tasty 404 error message. Additionally, the packaging refers to something called, ‘Flamesword’ that will allegedly make you a legend, but no word on whether or not wings are included.

It is probably worth noting that XP is largely redundant in Destiny, at least currently, due to levelling being tied to gear. Also, the Expansion Pass promised only two sets of content, that have both been delivered; The Dark Below and House of Wolves, Hive and Fallen focused, respectively. It stands to reason that the potential expansions III and IV would revolve around the Cabal and Vex, the other two factions, and that you’re going to have to pay for it.

Doubtless, we’ll hear more during E3, I mean Sony needs something new on stage right?

Speaking of Destiny! We have a ton of video of us playing both, The Dark Below and House of Wolves, so check that out if you want to hear people talk about everything but the game.

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