21 September, 2015

Drew Karpyshyn Back At Bioware

The storied writer has returned to the developer after parting ways three years ago.

Drew Karpyshyn Back At BiowareDrew Karpyshyn has a past deeply entrenched with Bioware, he has worked in various creative capacities on Bioware projects as early as 2000, with Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn. More recently Karpyshyn was lead writer on both Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, and wrote various elements and storylines of Star Wars: The Old Republic. He also authored numerous novels surrounding Bioware’s games and Star Wars, most notably the Darth Bane series.

Karpyshyn left Bioware in 2012 to focus on an original series; the Chaos Born trilogy, the final book of which is out later this year. He announced on his blog this week that he has returned to the developer, but is not working on Bioware’s shadowy new franchise, or indeed anything completely new, rather he’s back at Bioware Austin working on Star Wars: The Old Republic. Particularly exciting news considering the story-focused direction of the upcoming episodic expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire.

He reassured fans of his novels that he will continue writing more and announced an Ask Me Anything on the /r/fantasy subreddit on October 8th.

(Via Destructoid). 

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