30 October, 2015

SW:TOR, Knights of the Fallen Empire, Prologue

The release of Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion of Star Wars: The Old Republic ensures I’m afraid a continuation of our Star Wars coverage – it’ll probably bring this site to ruin, but damn it’s fun to write about. My plan is to write something about each of the expansion’s chapters, nine of which have been released, with more coming as episodic releases in the future. In short, I’ll chronicle the journey of Ravanor, my original character, created during the vanilla game’s early access period almost four years ago. There will be spoilers; in fact it will all be spoilers, of both the old content, including the class stories, as well as the new chapters, but hopefully it will make for an interesting read. If nothing else, it’s my latest experiment and who doesn’t love experiments?

Star Wars: The Old Republic, shadow of revan rakata prime


Before we delve into the first chapter, I’ve decided to start on a kind of prologue, a rundown of the recent backstory that forms the foundation of the new content.

At Yavin IV, Revan, a Force user of immense power and understanding tried to draw out the incorporeal form of Sith Emperor Vitiate, from the Massassi temple in which he had taken residence. Vitiate’s previous body was destroyed by the Jedi Knight (as part of its class story), however Vitiate has managed to become more Force entity than living being, not a surprising revelation given his domination of the his Children, and the role of his servants; the Hands, Voice, and Wrath (the Sith Warrior class story) to name a few.  Revan failed in his attempt to draw out and confront Vitiate, thwarted by the Coalition forces led by Darth Marr and Grand Master Satele Shan (Revan’s descendent), however Vitiate freed himself.

Star Wars: The Old Republic, shadow of revan yavin IV coalition fleet

He later resurfaced on Ziost, a Sith world with a grand history now home to countless Imperial citizens, and enslaved the minds of the Imperial forces on the planet, he used them to slaughter the civilian population. Both, Sith Intelligence led by the recently promoted Minister of Intelligence Lana Beniko, and a team of Republic SIS agents and Jedi (called the Sixth Line) led by Theron Shan responded to the crisis. The situation deteriorated further still when Republic Chancellor Saresh learnt of Shan’s covet mission and ordered a full invasion. Vitiate dominated the Republic forces and the Sixth Line Jedi, despite the intervention of Beniko, Shan, and Ravanor, Vitiate succeeded in his plan. He unleashed a wave of Force energy that killed all living things on the planet, he stripped them of their essence and their Force, just as he did centuries before on his homeworld of Nathema.

Star Wars: The Old Republic, ziost destruction

Vitiate disappeared once more after Ziost, Darth Marr, now the Empire’s defacto leader understood the threat his former-Emperor represented and led a joint Imperial-Republic task force in search of Vitiate’s spirit. At this point a new threat emerged; a mysterious force indiscriminately attacked Imperial and Republic worlds, only to vanish back into Wild Space. After months of searching, Marr felt Vitiate through the Force again and called in Ravanor; the morally objectionable Chiss agent, formerly known as Cipher Nine, who aside from being a crack-shot sniper has a bankrupting obsession with furniture.  

Star Wars: The Old Republic, rise of the hutt cartel mekab, Darth Marr

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