08 November, 2015

This Week In Videogames – 08/11/2015

Acquisitions, cons, and gaseous green farts – it’s just another week in videogames. Here’s your regularly scheduled news roundup!

This Week In Videogames – 08/11/2015

The Darkest Of Padding

Developer Firaxis shed a little light on the darker parts of XCOM 2 this week, specifically the dark events. These events represent the Advent’s (the aliens) response to XCOM (the humans), they are ‘random modifiers’ that be as small sounding as new padding on Advent armour or as potential mission-crushing as Rapid Response, which guarantees Advent Reinforcements will be waiting in the wings during Guerrilla Ops missions.

XCOM 2 dark events

Dark Events are secretive by nature, though the intel currency can be spent to reveal exactly what you’re facing, the alternative is walking in blind, the events can be combatted by undertaking Guerrilla Ops.

(Via Destructoid). 

Here’s a look at one of the new enemy types, the Andromedon; “a new hybrid enemy unit combining the intelligence of organics with the strength of machinery.” An alien in a battlesuit, which apparently is murderous at close range, boasts a corrosive acid launcher, and isn’t fazed by fire, poison, or acid weaponry. 

XCOm 2 Andromedon

Two Orcs, One Horn warcraft movie posterTwo Orcs, One Horn

So that Warcraft movie hasn’t died yet, in fact this week it got a poster which you can see on the right, sporting the wonderful message, “Two Worlds. One Home.” In addition to its first trailer, catch it below. On some level I can appreciate the technical side of the action, but it does look totally ridiculous and not in a good way, more like an ‘I’m surprised this isn’t a Syfy original’ kind of way. There’s a load of bearded white dudes arguing amongst themselves, while Orcs punch the teeth out of each other, oh and one sexy Orc lady, everyone takes a moment to see the sexy Orc lady.

I Like The Old Universe Plenty Thank You

Star Wars: Battlefront is our only hope this year and because it’s an EA shooter it is getting a $50 season pass, this we’ve known for some time. During a recent earnings presentation COO Peter Moore said this on the subject:
"What we've announced is four extra packs over the next 12-18 months coming post launch... You'll see new universes, you're gonna see new player actions, obviously new weaponry as well."
‘Universes’ is an odd turn of phrase and I suspect the wrong one, the part of me that’s going to spend $100+ on Battlefront and its pass, kind of wants to stay in the Star Wars universe if at all possible. EA promises more details on the pass in the “coming weeks”.

(Via Gamespot). 

Clean Faces Come To Black Ops

This next announcement is an odd but welcome one for PC players; Treyarch revealed that modding and mapping tools will be coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops III in 2016. This will allow players to make maps and game modes (and more), which will be playable on unranked dedicated servers, with an unranked server browser. Their target date for a closed alpha is currently March 2016, with more news and an open beta coming later.

Call of Duty: Black Ops IIImultiplayer mod support

The Cost Of The Casuals

Activision, publisher of such series as; Destiny, Call of Duty, and all of the Blizzard properties decided it was time to pick up another studio, King. Never heard of them? I don’t blame you, King is a mobile developer, responsible most notably for Candy Crush Saga, a hyper-profitable match three game. According to King’s financials Candy Crush earned $1.33 billion in revenue in 2014. Now why is this news you ask, well simply because of the price; $5.9 billion. Activision expects that the deal will be finalised by spring 2016. 

Let’s compare this deal to some other choice acquisitions vaguely surrounding the videogame space:
  • Last year Facebook purchased Oculus VR for $2 billion. The original virtual reality headset was funded by a Kickstarter campaign.
  • Also last year, Microsoft bought Mojang the developer of Minecraft for $2.5 billion.
  • Disney purchased Lusasfilm and all its properties, including Star Wars, for $4.04 billion in 2012.
  • In 2011 EA acquired PopCap Games, the Bejewelled people, for $750 million.

King must be pretty good at what they do then?

(Via Kotaku).

Wait They’re Charging For This?

Blizzard surprised me with this BlizzCon announcement; team-based first-person shooter Overwatch is in fact not free-to-play, but less surprisingly it is coming to consoles (PS4 and Xbox One) in Spring 2016. It will be a fully priced $60 release, there are of course preorder bonuses, character skins and more in the ‘Origins Edition’ (I’m pretty sure it’s not an EA Origin exclusive), as well as a $130 collector’s edition available at select retailers. Here’s a picture of a Korean lady with a gun, she seems cool.

Overwatch meka korean lady

Maybe Soldiers Shouldn’t Lead First Contact Teams? 

FemShep, by which I mean the true Shep, had a few parting words for the Andromeda crew during yesterday’s N7 Day celebrations. Mass Effect Andromeda’s latest teaser trailer is mostly footage of real-world people in space, narrated by Jennifer Hale, the voice of the female version of Commander Shepard. Though there is a little something extra before it ends, plus there’s a good chance the music will give you chills. Good lord I need that game.



If you want context, I’m afraid it isn’t mine to give. This game is called Yo-Kai Watch, all I know is that it is the hotness is Japan right now; it has just come out on 3DS in North America, and is coming to Europe sometime in 2016. You owe to it yourself to at least check this short trailer out. Enjoy.


(Via Kotaku).

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