29 April, 2016

Dropping In – Nioh (Alpha)

Blood jets, steel glints, and souls are sucked in the Nioh Alpha Demo on PlayStation 4. And no, Symphony of the Night never touched Nintendo’s systems, let alone the ancient ones… All credibility lost!

26 April, 2016

Review – Battlefleet Gothic: Armada

Heave to and prepare to be boarded by this review of the latest Warhammer 40000 adaptation, Battlefleet Gothic: Armada.

Review – Battlefleet Gothic: Armada mechanicus banner

24 April, 2016

This Week In Videogames – 24/04/2016

We’ve got unannounced hardware details, Sega classics, Sega’s hopes for a better tomorrow, the whisperings of bloodsoaked hags,  and more in our videogame news roundup!

This Week In Videogames – 24/04/2016 banner

22 April, 2016

Dropping In – Battlefleet Gothic: Armada

A thousand astropaths died to deliver Kyle to grim darkness of Battlefleet Gothic: Armada’s campaign mode, only on PC. 

21 April, 2016

Dropcast 33 - Dwarves and Vampires

Matthew and Kyle crawl away from their busy work to talk about the latest and hottest Video game news, and why Wrestling crushes your soul.

18 April, 2016

Dropping In – Dead Star

Kyle and Matthew take a look at the wonderfully vibrant corner of space inhabited by Dead Star, on the PlayStation 4.

17 April, 2016

This Week In Videogames – 17/04/2016

We cap off the week with a dip in the news pond, it’s a short dip I’m afraid, but as is true of most weeks’, it’s one the Warhammer enthusiast won’t want to miss.

This Week In Videogames – 17/04/2016 banner

16 April, 2016

Dropping In – SoroSuub Refinery, Star Wars: Battlefront

The guys complete their lap around the Outer Rim by jumping into the SoroSuub Refinery, in Star Wars: Battlefront.

15 April, 2016

Dropping In – SoroSuub Pipelines, Star Wars: Battlefront

If you take anything away from this, it should be that Kyle really likes third-person shooters okay? There’s some Star War: Battlefront Outer Rim content in their too, probably.

14 April, 2016

Dropping In – Doom (Closed Beta)

Matthew and Kyle break down what’s hot and what’s not in the Doom closed multiplayer beta, played on the PS4.

11 April, 2016

Dropping In – Palace Garage, Star Wars: Battlefront

There’s always a bigger sailing barge, said Matthew’s favourite Jedi... The guys jump into the second Tatooine map, Palace Garage in Star Wars: Battlefront’s Outer Rim DLC.

10 April, 2016

This Week In Videogames – 10/04/2016

All the single Warriors, put your hands up! It’s a goddamn Koei fest in the news roundup this week, there may be a sad lack of musou, but there’s plenty of friendship-becomings!

This Week In Videogames – 10/04/2016 banner

09 April, 2016

Dropping In – Jabba’s Palace, Star Wars: Battlefront

The guys break out their universal translators and haul Rebel loot through the wispy halls Jabba’s Palace in this fleeting look at Extraction, in Star Wars: Battlefront’s Outer Rim DLC. 

05 April, 2016

The Dropkick: WWE WrestleMania 32 2016 – WrestleMania Thirty-BOOOOO

It's time for the WWE's PPV of the year, the big one, it's WrestleMania! Coming live from Dallas Texas with a whopping 7 hours of 'quality' sports entertainment. Headlined with Roman Reigns vs. Triple H for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, in front of 94,000 rabid fans who all hate Roman... Yeah... This doesn't sound good to me either, and it wasn't! Read on and enjoy what is honestly one of the worst WrestleMania's to date.

03 April, 2016

This Week In Videogames – 03/04/2016

I took a break from the assortment of aging titles I’ve been banging away at – the oldest being almost the same age as me – to bring yet another a news helping. It’s been a pretty quiet week considering, for all but Final Fantasy fans that is!

This Week In Videogames – 03/04/2016 banner

02 April, 2016

The Dropkick: NXT Takeover: Dallas - Strong Style has Arrived

It's time for NXT Takeover: Dallas, from the heart and soul of Texas, which is also home to Wrestlemania 32 this year! Not that Wrestlemania matters anymore when you have NXT and the debut of the King of Strong Style to watch instead!