03 April, 2016

This Week In Videogames – 03/04/2016

I took a break from the assortment of aging titles I’ve been banging away at – the oldest being almost the same age as me – to bring yet another a news helping. It’s been a pretty quiet week considering, for all but Final Fantasy fans that is!

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I Won’t Tell The Board If You Don’t

Easily the biggest news of week came by way of Square Enix – on refection I never suspected I would write that particular collection of words, but regardless, it’s true. Though two of the larger announcements were spoiled somewhat by a GameSpot Youtube video that slipped out early, the Final Fantasy XV news remained rather shocking, for its volume if nothing else.

Having been in development for ten years in various forms and under various monikers, Final Fantasy XV is receiving a hefty marketing push. Firstly, there will be a feature-length film starring a number of prominent stars including Sean Bean. The Movie’s called Kingsglaive, it explores the political strife embroiling Noctis’ (the game protagonist) father King Regis. Here’s the trailer. 

Additionally, there is a five-part anime from A-1 Pictures, the team behind Sword Art Online. Called Brotherhood, it follows the adventures of the brooding boys in black; Noctis and co, you can catch the first episode below, all five will be released for free.

Florence and the Machine have done a theme tune, a cover of Stand By Me – you know out of the goodness of their hearts I’m sure. You can hear that in the first trailer above.

And if you haven’t yet had enough of Final Fantasy XV, there’s a Platinum Demo, free to download on PSN and Xbox Live. I haven’t played it myself but from what I saw, it resembles a tech demo more than a genuine vertical slice, but no doubt worth a look for anyone interested in the game – that hair physics is represented in full force if nothing else.

Final Fantasy XV is at last releasing September 30th, or so they say…

(Via Kotaku UK).

From One Blood-Crazed Mind…

Let’s pivot from the one end of the marketing and budget spectrum, to somewhere quite near the other, to Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. A Kickstarter-ed game from Koji Igarashi, the flamboyant producer/director of the Castlevania series, most notably Symphony of the Night. Bloodstained remains very much in development, but this week the team released a look at some early platforming – pre-texture kind of early – in the form of ‘grid map’ testing. Igarashi discusses the process in albeit cursory depth the video:  

I am not a Bloodstained backer, but have rather recently taken an interest in the Castlevania lineage and 2D platformers more broadly.

 …To A Map Full Of Them

We’ve covered Total War: Warhammer and a few other Games Workshop titles pretty regularly these past weeks and I was considering apologising for it, until I remembered it was my goddamn news roundup! Still, we won’t spend much time on it here, but for those interested in the Vampire Counts faction this campaign walkthrough maybe worth a watch.

The conscription of the dead may well be little more than the mercenary system on steroids, but hell if they aren’t conceptually cool steroids.  

Yup, We’re Rolling Out All The Classics

After nearly a decade occupying eastern soil, the Romance of the Three Kingdoms series will ride west again, coming to North American July 5th, Europe July 8th, 2016, on the PlayStation 4 and PC with Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII. Just to be clear; the game is currently available on Steam, but not in English.

Despite its announcement date I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a cruel trick – they sent out multiple press releases and left little to the imagination. Set in the same romanticised Han Dynasty China, ROTTK swaps Nobunaga Oda for Cao Cao and uses system at least similar to Nobunaga’s Ambition, how similar we’ll have to wait and see as I don’t speak a lick of Japanese.

(Click to enlarge).

This Week In Videogames – 03/04/2016 Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII city
This Week In Videogames – 03/04/2016 Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII  mapThis Week In Videogames – 03/04/2016 Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII  castle

Though work-in-progress, I’m hoping this killer box art doesn’t change too much before release.

This Week In Videogames – 03/04/2016 Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII cover art box english

Don’t forget it is Wrestlemania season again, Matthew’s covering the lot with write-ups of the NXT Takeover, soon Wrestlemania itself, and of course he’ll be back with a rundown of that ill-fated Monday Night Raw. Enjoy. 

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