24 April, 2016

This Week In Videogames – 24/04/2016

We’ve got unannounced hardware details, Sega classics, Sega’s hopes for a better tomorrow, the whisperings of bloodsoaked hags,  and more in our videogame news roundup!

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Golden Oldies

It’s not just forty year olds with un-ironic Atari shirts who pine for the good ol’ days of flickering sprites and brawlers, Sega longs for those halcyon days too, in an attempt to recapture that early nineties dream they announced that a Sega Mega Drive Classics Hub would launch on Steam next week. Classic titles like Golden Axe and Streets of Rage have been available on Steam for a while now; this Hub will render those games into a 3D space, a bedroom with a golden axe propped up against a wall, take a look:

Games in the Hub will feature graphic filters – to capture that CRT monitor look, for example – save points, and full controller support. More significant is the coming Steam Workshop integration, allowing people to share mods. Most of it is stuff enthusiasts have hacked together years ago, illegally, but it’s nice to see a company actually embrace their legacy in this way.

(Via RockPaperShotgun).

Sweet Mother 

I’ve done a pretty fine job of not playing The Elder Scrolls Online since it went free-to-play, I logged in once a couple of weeks ago, completed one quest and was reminded why I stopped originally. Clearly it’s hitting for someone though because Bethesda posted this creepy Dark Brotherhood DLC teaser.

Of Fair Maidens And Chivalrous Knights

If you’ve read any of the ‘This Week’ roundups over the last few months, weeks certainly, you’ll have no doubt witnessed my insatiable thirst for Total War: Warhammer news. I’ll make no attempt to hide my personal excitement as a long time Total War player, and equally long time Warhammer enthusiast. Initially I had some reservations, not believing as some did that it would be a truly harmonious match, but the pre-release blogs and videos have done a lot to persuade me otherwise – I’m hopeful.

Equally, the notion of post-release support excites rather than disgusts me, and as we covered last week, Total War: Warhammer will have a lot of it.  This week Creative Assembly revealed that a limited Bretonnian roster will be playable in custom and multiplayer battles from launch, but not in the campaign. I’m wagering that Bretonnia will be the as yet undisclosed free race added to the Grand Campaign sometime after the game’s launch.

Here’s a twenty-five minute let’s play showing of a Bretonnian city besieged by the Vampire Counts:

The Future Of E-Sports

Creators of Transistor and Bastion announced their next title, Pyre. In keeping with their previous releases, Pyre appears to have a unique visual style and concept. It’s an RPG where you perform rites rather than fight, or so it seems, sports-like rites at that. Here’s the reveal trailer:

Pyre will make its console debut on the PS4, coming 2017. 

Enter The Fake Resolutions

Easily the biggest news this week was Austin Walker’s PlayStation 4 ‘NEO’ scoop, over on Giant Bomb.  Having received development documentation and corroborated with multiple sources, Giant Bomb revealed the rumoured PS4.5 to be codenamed ‘NEO’, full details can be found on article linked below, but here are the salient points:
The NEO will feature upgraded hardware:
This Week In Videogames – 24/04/2016 ps4 neo specs
From October onward, all PS4 games will require a ‘Base Mode’ (for original PS4s) and a ‘NEO Mode’.

The NEO will support 4K image output, this includes 4K games, though the framerate of NEO Mode games must at least equal that of the Base Mode version, it will also upscale content to 4K.

There will be no NEO-only games, or indeed NEO-only features – you couldn’t add a NEO exclusive gamemode for example. PS4 and NEO players will exist in the same ecosystem, with regards to PSN and multiplayer.

In short all games can be played anywhere, but games might look and run a little better on the NEO, which has an emphasis on 4K support.
(Via Giant Bomb).


Saving the world is not a one man job indeed, we’ll depart on the latest, truly abhorrent Warcraft movie trailer…

Maybe it’ll capture the style and tone of World of Warcraft, a style that clearly appeals to millions of people, but hell, it doesn’t half look awful, the movie and the trailer both.

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