13 June, 2016

E3 2016: Berserk (Warriors) Coming To Japan This Year

As many had speculated, Omega Force’s “top-secret” Warriors title will be based on Berserk. Here’s the teaser trailer, prepare to be fondled by tentacles!

Teased perhaps a week ago with the line, “The most evil Warriors in history”, Omega Force’s next outing was revealed with what must be the most Japanese trailers I’ve seen in a while: questing tentacles, cupped bosom, and a magically burning tattoo.

Warriors games based on licensed properties are nothing new to Koei Tecmo, Gundam being the first such example, with Zelda, Dragon Quest, and most recently Arlsan. The former and latter being an anime/manga properties, much like Berserk.

The Berserk manga surfaced in 1988, the anime in 1997, and a new series is due to air in Japan this July. I’m by no means familiar with the property, but have wanted to pick up the manga for a while now. From what I gathered, Guts (the protagonist) is basically an anime version of Geralt (the Witcher), and the monster he slays are rather more Lovecraftian, sexily Lovecraftian even.

It’s slated for August 23rd in Japan. There are appears to be some conflict concerning the platforms, Polygon claims it’s PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Windows PC. 

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