08 June, 2016

Tales From The Crypt – Part 6, Waaagh!

When the Lord’s away, the Orcs will play. With von Carstein far from Sylvania, sowing terror in hearts of the people of Stirland, Count Stahlburg rallies the dead to face the growing greenskin threat.

Tales From The Crypt – Part 6, Waaagh! banner


All in Eastern Sylvania’s southern reaches heard the Orcs’ throaty call, rolling like thunder down the mountains and over the foothills. It was the call to war, the coming of a bestial menace utterly unlike  the land’s dark masters.  For over the mountains, the Orcs of the Bloody Spearz prepared for Waaagh!

Tales From The Crypt – Part 6, Waaagh!

Though absent, on account of matters of war, von Carstein hadn’t left Drakenhof, his capital and throne, undefended. From the crypts and out of the wretched soil Bruno Stahlburg, a vampiric lieutenant of unproven potential, called forth the legions of the dead. Though Drakenhof’s walls were tall, the Sylvania’s marshes eminently defensible, Stahlburg had no intention of allowing the greenskin’s the opportunity to learn either for themselves.

And so he led his warriors south, to the mountain path, and onward to Zhufbar. Once a proud Dwarven city, a nexus of stout tradition and peerless engineering, the Orcs of the Blood Spearz had claimed it for own. Effigies of bone and skulls lined the underpass, and from the walls of Zhufbar leered the grinning face of Gork.

Tales From The Crypt – Part 6, Waaagh! zhufbar

Stahlburg was surprised to be joined by a fellow immortal; Anneka von Carstein. Whether out of curiosity for the lieutenant, or to simply partake in the eschewing slaughter, whichever way it blew, Stahlburg didn’t know. He was quite certain however, that victory would be all the more delectable when achieved before another.

The zombies formed first wave, numerous and inexorable. Stalhburg suspected they would do little but amuse the greenskins. That would be enough of course, allowing the skeleton warriors close the gap unmolested.

Tales From The Crypt – Part 6, Waaagh! seige

Finding themselves uncharacteristically on the verge of being outnumbered, the Orcs fought savagely on the wall. Beneath, the skeletons cast open the main gate, and poured forth, with Anneka close behind at the head of a phalanx of spearmen.

Tales From The Crypt – Part 6, Waaagh! zombies orcs

Fighting devolved into brutal skirmishes in the streets, the greenskins did not rally to counterattack so much as lash out violently hither and dither. Where they did gather in suggestions of intent, Stahlburg led his black knights in hammer-blow charges.

Tales From The Crypt – Part 6, Waaagh! black knights

With the greenskins eradicated, their Waaagh blunted if not turned away, Zhufbar was filled only with death; rotting bodies and lingering Dwarven souls. Yet as Stahlburg watched the subterranean city collapse and burn, he felt a dagger of regret pierce his victorious spirit, for such craft to be first pillaged then razed. Though he did not admit such a stirring to Anneka, lest it be perceived as weakness.  

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