08 July, 2016

The Dropkick: TNA The Final Deletion – Prepare the Battlefield for Massacre

This must be documented! On July 5th, just one day after Independence Day in America, the world saw the GREATEST thing ever made in professional wrestling. On July 5th the world witnessed the ‘Final Deletion’ match between Jeff Hardy and #Broken Matt Hardy in what can only be described with the word ‘Phenomenal’.

Now, I don’t watch Total Nonstop Action (TNA) but I had to tune into this match, this feud that caused the wrestling world to turn its head and ask “What is even happening and why do I love it so much?”.  As I do not watch TNA, I will do my best to explain the absurdity of what has unfolded as best I can.

From what I have read, Matt and Jeff Hardy entered a feud earlier this year, around February. In one of their matches Jeff; the younger of the two brothers preformed a ‘Swanton Bomb’ - his signature move off the Impact Wrestling stage, onto his older brother Matt Hardy through a table. After this, Matt Hardy was broken in half and carried out on a stretcher. Months, or weeks later (I’m not quite sure) Matt Hardy returned looking like a hobo with a blonde streak now in his hair. He was broken, a former shell of what he once was, now limping and talking with a very bad but hilarious accent looking to destroy Brother Nero (Nero being Jeff Hardy’s last name)

In the build up to Slammiversary PPV and the ‘Full Metal Mayhem’ match between Matt and Jeff Hardy, a series of videos were aired, and pieced together to form a full video for the Contract Signing between the two brothers.  This video changed everything.

I will give you time to watch the video, don’t worry, I won’t go anywhere.

You’re done? You watched it all? Even the end with the fake baby and the poorly made wooden table? Okay, cool. 

HOW AMAZING WAS THAT? I mean, this is the worst but best thing ever made.  The camera cuts, the poor acting, the random use of quad-copter footage and the random gardener!!! By god, this is the best video in the history of video. Upon watching it the first time, I was confused, and mortified at how awful this is. But then I watched it a second time, then again, then again and I realised I love everything about this. Matt Hardy and his character he has made is the greatest thing. It’s so insane, it’s like he could be dropped into the Marvel Universe and he would be considered a great threat to The Avengers and the entire world.

People EXPLODED after this video aired. A lot of people hated it, a lot of people loved it, it was the talk for weeks about how polarizing it was… but it did one thing right. It got people talking about TNA and Impact Wrestling. TNA is in the shadows, cast away and hated by many professional wrestling fans after years of mismanagement, poor storylines and the dreaded ‘Hulk Hogan’ era.
This one video changed everything. TNA was now in the limelight and leading into their biggest Pay-pre-View of the year; Slammiversary. At Slammiversary Matt Hardy attempted to delete Brother Nero and unfortunately, he failed.  The match was nothing special, but I could not take my eyes off it or this feud.

I love Matt Hardy’s character so much, for weeks I cried out about Brother Nero and how he must be deleted, people in my house thought I was going crazy and maybe I am! But I know that I needed more. So, in the coming weeks after their Slammiversary TNA began to hype up one final match between the two brothers entitled ‘The Final Deletion’.

The past week, TNA did an amazing job hyping up this match, their Twitter account released videos of wrestlers, and famous people within the wrestling community reacting to a ‘Directors Cut’ of the Final Deletion match. In each video, none of the people could take their eyes off the screen while laughing or on the verge of crying. This match became more important to me than the upcoming WWE PPV; Battleground, this match became more important to me than Wrestlemania! The big question remained however… could this match live up to the hype?

The short answer, yes. Yes it could. Everything about this is amazing and great and I love it. I have watched this match three times over and I still laugh at so many things. The music, the camera cuts, the fireworks and that god damn hologram coming out of the Drone! I love this so much, even the Gardener, the GARDENER from the first video got a name, a role and was featured heavily in the video!

This could be the greatest thing ever made in Pro Wrestling. But, will it make me watch TNA? The answer is no. See, in order to watch the Final Deletion match I had to sit through almost 2 hours of TNA. I was not impressed, I just found myself spending most of my time sat on Twitter looking at people hype up the match and following Señor Benjamin as he prepares the battlefield for MASSACRE.

This match, made me cry with laughter, this match has made me happy in a rough time, this match lived up to all the hype I gave it and more. It delivered, but what is next? There is no way that they can top this, nor should they. This was an epic, emotional saga that cannot be replicated. To make more of these videos, to carry on the Broken Matt Hardy character after this would diminish it’s legacy.

In the end, Brother Nero has been deleted, but his legacy will live on through this feud documented forever in time. Well, not really. Everyone will remember this feud, this segment in wrestling history for one reason. Matt freaking Hardy.

Oh, and Señor Benjamin who is the real MVP in all of this.

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