28 August, 2016

Review – No Man’s Sky

Why talk about videogames when you can talk about novels, am I right? It’s not like this is a videogame review after all… Albeit begrudgingly, we discuss both in relation to the triumphs and shortcomings of No Man’s Sky.

Review – No Man’s Sky banner

24 August, 2016

The Dropkick: NXT Takeover: Brooklyn II - Glorious

It’s NXT Takeover: Brooklyn II, electric boogaloo! We are back once again, not only back in Brookyln New York for the second annual NXT Takeover here, but also back with another Dropkick after a long absence due to personal reasons, and what better way to kick off the return than with a great show at the start of the Summerslam Weekend!

23 August, 2016

Review – Star Wars: The Old Republic, Knights Of The Fallen Empire

I may never review Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWToR) itself, though catch me on the right day and it’s possible I’ll have a few thousand words simmering on the matter; it’s a shifting, changing thing, which will likely remain so until the day the Sun swallow its datacentres. However, Knights of the Fallen Empire, the game’s latest expansion, I have finished, and am frothing to discuss.

Review – Star Wars: The Old Republic, Knights Of The Fallen Empire bannerReview – Star Wars: The Old Republic, Knights Of The Fallen Empire banner

17 August, 2016

Let’s Play – Eisenhorn: XENOS Part 2

May no heretic go unpunished, and no painted masterpiece unlauded under the iron watch of the Inquisition. Kyle returns to the action-RPG adaption of Eisenhorn: XENOS in an attempt to unravel the dark machinations of the deceased psyker Eyclone. 

13 August, 2016

Let’s Play – Eisenhorn: XENOS Part 1

With litanies recited and bolter readied, Kyle braves the grim darkness of the latest Warhammer 40,000 game; Eisenhorn: XENOS. An adaptation of Dan Abnett’s novel of the same name, the inquisitor’s pursuit of unsanctioned psyker Eyclone is filled with names never penned with the intent of being spoken aloud, and internal monologues, oh so many…

11 August, 2016

Matthew Plays - Super Star

Back again with the Visual Novel goodness, this time Matthew tackles Super Star after unfortunately being gifted it by Kyle in an effort to torture him.

09 August, 2016

Dropping In – Star Wars: Battlefront, Skirmish Mode

Dengar stocks up on chilly dogs and runs real fast when the guys drop into Star Wars: Battlefront’s Skirmish mode. Skirmish was added in a free update, allowing solo and co-op play of AI-populated Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron matches; Instant Action, sort of.

08 August, 2016

Let’s Play – We Happy Few (Xbox Game Preview) Part 3

Just as digital flesh puppet Arthur Hastings acclimatises to the bombed out Garden District, he finds Joy – at long last – and a way to Hamlyn Village. Ah Hamlyn Village, where the people play at happiness and the house of have doors, rather than laser tripwires. Hamlyn Village; where the cops hang out… This copy was provided by the publisher.

Dropping In – Hearts of Iron IV

Gather round this burnt out tank, gather round, and don’t forget your marshmallows, for story time is upon us! It’s 1944 and the world is dark, dark and full of fascists. But one nation, nay, one League stands strong in the face of the rising tide, for now away… The guys chat about Hearts of Iron IV, its complexities, but mostly just Kyle’s grim alternate history.

Interested in this warped past? This feature picks up shortly after this video, as Kyle recounts his nuclear war crimes.

06 August, 2016

Let’s Play – We Happy Few (Xbox Game Preview) Part 2

Kyle returns to the bombed out suburbs of We Happy Few Game Preview to excavate premium rations, rouse the downer rabble, and do an all-round poor job of surviving. The hunt for joy begins… This copy was provided by the publisher.

05 August, 2016

Dropping In – Mobius Final Fantasy

Things get raunchy on the moon kissed beaches of Palamecia, when Kyle awakes amongst a gathering of topless anime knights. Tasked by the mysterious Vox and guided by the disciplinarian hand of da- sorry, Garland, he finds not love amongst the dreamy Blankers, but tutorials, text, and a blasted Moogle… Mobius Final Fantasy is free on iOS and Android, this was captured from an iPhone 6.

04 August, 2016

Review – Total War: Warhammer, Call Of The Beastmen

Horns of battle, calls to arms, lost in a sea of screams, the sounds of death and terror. Bestial braying and the drum beat of hoof on packed earth, the crunch of hoof on stripped bone, echo from the darkest depths of the Drakenwald, for the cloven ones thirst for war.

review Total War: Warhammer, Call Of The Beastmen banner

03 August, 2016

Let’s Play – We Happy Few (Xbox Game Preview) Part 1

Master of unlocking Kyle, unleashes the un-doped and unhinged Arthur Hastings on the downer denizens of Wellington Wells, or some such decidedly British isle. Whether corpse, telephone booth, or plain old trap-laying lady, no one walks away from Hastings with burdened pockets. Played on the Xbox One, We Happy Few remains very much in development. This copy was provided by the publisher.


Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach Announced

Kyle drops by the news desk to run down what we know about Slitherine’s latest title, Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach. Developed by a new team, Strayllight Entertainment, the 3D turn-based game is set to launch on Steam (PC) in November 2016.