Our Review Policy


At GameDropZone we strive to approach all reviews from the same perspective; open and receptive to what the game offers. Ultimately, all reviews are the opinion of the reviewer, and their experiences with the game, the score will reflect the sentiment expressed in the written review. We write the review and the score will represents this, we do not arbitrarily generate a score and make the review fit.

There currently, are just two writers, as a result we must pick and choose which games we review. In many cases these reviews, will be of games that we have some interest in playing, or feel is important for us to play and have an informed opinion of. There will however, be many games that fall into neither category – they simply catch our eye and leave some sort of impression, positive or negative, that is worth writing about. Nevertheless, we will only review games we feel we are equipped to, for example; neither writer plays golf, or golf games. If we were to write a review of a golf game, we would first, commit ourselves to extensive research, and rack up game time in other titles in the golf genre.

In the current era of early access and beta game releases, we feel that if the developer/publisher feels that players should pay, for the game or items in game, then it is eligible for review. As such, all reviews are dated, and will reflect the game at the time of publication. Early access games will be marked as such in the review, and games will be chosen sensibly; we won’t be reviewing the next Battlefield multiplayer open beta.

We currently employ a five point scoring system. The score must have meaning, and we believe that the more points added to the system, the greater the likelihood that scores will lose their value. Can we really argue a 72/100 game from a 70/100? No. Not unless we were to employ a categorical scoring system – which we do not. Our score have tangible meanings, as follows;

5/5 – Great
4/5 – Good
3/5 – Mediocre
2/5 – Poor
1/5 – Bad

Can a game receive less than a 1/5? For this to occur it would need to; be unplayable, or not a game. In either case it cannot be judged against other games and thus, will not be scored.